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A 'Model' Data-driven Company Uses That Data to Create Targeted Content

Let’s play, “Name That Innovative, Data-Driven Company.” Here are the clues: They carefully match people based on personality and other data. Both parties then look to get together for a good result. The applicant can make his or her decision based on past reviews of the other person. Their motto starts with “The best way to find a…” eHarmony? Nope, it’s HomeLight—The best way to find a… real estate agent. What’s even more interesting about HomeLight for SIIA members is that they believe that good content contributes to their success. Their blog is excellent because the articles are data driven and of keen interest to anyone selling a house.             Devu Gandhi, VP of business development for HomeLight, just sent me their latest article, We Found the Best Time to Sell a House, and It’s Not When You Think. It lists dat ...