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Content Roadmaps, Phone Calls and Involvement Can Boost Your Renewals

Wow, a year can go fast! You work hard to get a new member or subscriber. Onboard them, check after 3-6 months how involved they are, and then poof, they're up for renewal. According to a report from the IEEE Sections Congress, over 70% of attrition was made up of members with two years of membership or less. Once settled in, that percentage significantly dwindles.


Renewal Strategies That Make the Right Call

In a recently published guide on renewal practices from Canadian software company Wild Apricot (with research from Marketing General Incorporated), it was found that organizations with the highest renewal rates employed phone calls as part of the process.


7 Ideas for Increasing Your Renewal Rate

I recently read that in 2014 the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) began integrating the expiration dates of individual members and subscribers into all the email newsletters they send out, with a link to renew (or to join, for nonmember recipients).