SIPA Members Show the Best Ways to Use LinkedIn

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All roads seem to be pointing to LinkedIn this morning. An email they just sent asks me to fill out a 2-minute survey so "we can best support our members on their professional journey." An article also showed up on my digital doorstep from Nonprofit Hub titled a 7 Step Guide to LinkedIn Marketing.

"LinkedIn isn't new, and neither is the idea that every business needs a LinkedIn presence," writes Rebecca Hill. "The majority of its users are on it daily, which provides businesses and brands with a great platform for implementing a social media marketing strategy."

It's easy to forget including LinkedIn as part of your marketing and social media strategy. The company is saying all the right things about working with publishers, not against them.

"My guess is that we will become a major distribution channel for news—maybe the first place people turn to in the morning for B2B news," Dan Roth, LinkedIn's editor in chief, said in an interview with The Drum last week. "However, after that, they will go somewhere else like The Drum. But really our focus is just to get people to come once during the day or a couple of times a week, so we are not a threat to publishers."

Here are some tips for marketing or increasing your profile with LinkedIn:

Post stories. Cathy Karabetsos, CEO of QCSS, often lets articles do the talking for her on LinkedIn. She just posted an article titled, Making Millions for Our Clients With U.S.-Based Call Center Teams. It puts her and QCSS in a positive light. Writes Hill: "When marketing your business on LinkedIn, be determined to promote helpful content that adds value, builds your authority, engages users and develops brand awareness. You can do this by creating LinkedIn-specific posts directly through the platform or by sharing your highest performing blog posts."

Create ads for your speakers to post. Business Valuation Resources' senior marketing manager Ronnie Nelson says that they create ads to send to the speakers, board members, planning committee, etc. and ask that they promote on their personal LinkedIn pages. "We’ve been doing this for our webinars and we’ve seen some good engagement. You’ll also reach a bigger audience [of people] that maybe haven’t heard of the [event]." 

Share others' posts. Matt Humphrey, president of Plain-English Media, shared a post from (One division Humphrey publishes in is health care.) This post also led me to see that earlier this year Plain-English Media acquired Community Association Management Insider. So it's another way to get the word out.   

Offer congratulations. "Congratulate Imogen Bradbury for being promoted to VP of sales at Industry Dive." Sean Griffey, Industry Dive's CEO, will be one of our keynote speakers at the upcoming Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), so I want to know about Industry Dive news. Again, these are all positive.

Support your niche. Lynn Freer of Spidell Publishing reposted a speaker's promotion for a complimentary event run by another group. It builds goodwill—perhaps Freer will use that speaker again—and puts your company in a supportive and favorable light.

Celebrate your own successes. Lindsay (Konzak) Young, formerly of Gale Media, just wrote this: One stat I found showed that just a little over 50% of businesses make it to their 5th year. I'm happy and proud to say that 3 Aspens Media just passed that milestone, and it's 100% due to the amazing clients we've been able to work alongside, and the crazy awesome team we've been building here..." Congrats to Lindsay, who was always there to help SIPA. This can also create excellent testimonials for your company—nine business colleagues of Lindsay's congratulate her and the work she does. It looks good on the page.

Get the word out on something good you're doing. Katie Keich, vp of commercial services at insideARM, wrote about a "fantastic training" she ran with accounting and finance people. "Did you know that insideARM offers training by me via webinar or on location? We offer pre-packaged training and the option to create a custom package as well." Stephanie Eidelman, insideARM CEO, then complimented Keich, getting that info out to her many contacts.

Writes Hill: "Who are these people [on LinkedIn]? People who know you! People who want to know you! People who matter: Your manager, employees, competitors and clients. LinkedIn provides you with an opportunity to manage whatever they learn about your strengths and your brand."

And wish happy birthday. Apparently it was Murray Bradford's birthday yesterday from Bradford Tax Institute. Happy birthday Murray!

And by the way there is a SIPA LinkedIn group that you can join if you're not a part of it yet.

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