8 Successful Publisher Revenue Strategies

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We're a little bit in the dog days of summer here in Washington, D.C., so I thought it may be a good time to pull out some of the successful SIPA member revenue strategies that I've written about in the last year or so.

Culture, 'High-Value' Content and Awards Fuel Industry Dive's Rise
After only six years, Industry Dive just went over the 1,000,000 subscriber mark for its 10-plus verticals. (They now have 18 and counting.) They have outstanding leadership and a growing staff that numbers more than 100. Here are some reasons for that success. (CEO Sean Griffey will also be a keynote at our Nov. 11-13 BIMS conference to discuss this rise.)
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How an Access Intelligence Group Doubled the Revenue of a Conference
In Access Intelligence's Energy and Engineering Group, staff efforts more than doubled attendee registration and revenue of the 2018 Connected Plant Conference. This happened through an extensive targeted email campaign series, video promotions, ad retargeting, content messaging, telemarketing, direct mail and a dynamic website.
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New Sales Model Gives Investing Daily a Revenue Jolt
For decades, Capitol Information Group's Investing Daily has had a customer service team but no sales. Phil Ash, Investing Daily president, instead has favored a more marketing-heavy approach that has made the company successful but still left him wondering what a full-on sales effort could accomplish. Enter Agora Financial. Ash took up a "very generous" offer and visited to see and hear Agora's customer-service-to-sales-department success model.
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Something as Simple as a Popular New Job Title Can Lead to New Revenue
"We launched an association that exceeded our expectations in a few months," said Elizabeth Petersen, project director, Simplify Compliance, referring to the National Association of Healthcare Revenue Integrity. "We were looking at registrations for events and one of my product people noticed, 'There's a new title popping up and we had never seen this title before'..."
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How CBIS' GrantScape Generates Audience and Revenue
In 2017, Columbia Books & Information Services developed GrantScape, "a new proprietary web-tracking system that notifies the staff whenever a grant-making entity updates their website with new grant opportunities." The price to use GrantScape remains relatively low compared to the competition. A GrantScape subscription can be purchased separately or bundled at several different tiered price points. Such bundles move customers up the subscription ladder. 
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Chemical Watch's Switch to a Membership Model Could Be a New Blueprint
"It was a long time coming; it's a big change," Danielle Howe, Chemical Watch's content marketing manager, told me. "We've put a lot of customer research into this; it's not just a case of a new website. A great deal of effort has to go into to making clear what it means for our customers. There's a brand new analyst team behind the scenes, we're expanding coverage..."
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Virtual 'Zoom On Ins' Help Copyrightlaws.com Get the Word Out and the People In
Testing the market, Copyrightlaws.com put on six 20-minute, virtual sessions from Jan. 10-28 that they called Zoom On Ins, and added many new names to their mailing list. They probably can't continue at that pace, but with as many as 140 people signing up, they have found a good formula to increase their audience of librarians. Here are more upsides of Copyrightlaws.com's Zoom On Ins.
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Education Week's Sponsored Quizzes Draw Leads, Interest and Revenue
"We set goals for our first year that included number of sponsorships, percentage of quiz completions, percentage of people completing the quiz filling out the registration form and becoming a lead, and overall leads generated," wrote Dave Rosenzweig, product manager, Education Week Press. "In each of these areas, we exceeded our goals including nearly 90% quiz completions and around 60% of people completing the quiz filling out the registration form."
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