Artificial Intelligence featuring Charles Fadel

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This episode of LunchByte featuring host - Jill Abbott, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of ETIN as she speaks with Charles Fadel.


Jill Abbott is currently the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of ETIN. Her passion centers on education and helping people reach their maximum potential. With this inspiration and insights gained from a comprehensive background in education reform, personalized learning, assessment, curriculum design, and policy and program development. She is a seasoned executive in education holding local, regional, state, national, and international roles in improving education through transformative practices.

Special Guest

Charles Fadel is the Founder and Chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign. He is a global education thought leader and futurist, author and inventor, with several active affiliations; his work spans the continuum of Schools, Higher Education, and Workforce Development/Lifelong Learning.

The LunchByte is the podcast for the Education Division, ETIN, of SIIA This series provides you with access to leaders in the education industry and private enterprise.

Learn from leaders what:

  • The new topics in education are,
  • They are thinking about for the next wave of technology,
  • The greatest trends in sales and marketing involve, and Much more.

Jennifer Jennifer Carl is the Director of Software & Services Division Programs. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware @SIIAJennifer