SIIA Vision from the Top Featuring the CEO of Questex

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Paul MillerPaul Miller, CEO of Questex

As Chief Executive Officer of Questex, Paul is responsible for shaping the Company’s growth strategy and enhancing its offerings to better serve its customers as a next-generation Information Services Company. Paul will drive Questex’s franchises in its core markets – Beauty and Wellness, Travel, Hospitality, Pharma and Technology. He will also invest in activities including acquisitions to advance Questex’s leadership positions in its core markets and will explore expansion into new market segments that have attractive growth characteristics.

A visionary leader with a keen ability and track record of growing businesses, Paul has a passion for creating winning cultures and high performing teams. Paul has led and grown businesses with revenues ranging from $30 to $250 million in both privately and publicly held companies.

Prior to joining Questex, Paul was President of Informa’s Industry & Infrastructure Intelligence where he brought a high level of innovation and creativity to help customers achieve superior ROI on marketing investments. Earlier in his career, Paul was President of Penton’s Industry Group where he was responsible for a broad portfolio that includes energy and buildings, design engineering and sourcing and manufacturing and supply chain markets. Paul had a long, successful career with UBM where he held several management positions. His last position was CEO of UBM Tech where he drove the business unit into digital content and services, as well as international expansion into Europe, Asia and Latin America. He started his career with Reed Business Information.

Paul is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCiM). Paul earned a B.A. (Hons) in Communication Studies from Sheffield Hallam University (UK) and graduated from Chartered Institute of Marketing with a Diploma in Marketing.


At Questex, we are passionate about driving business outcomes. We connect buyers and sellers and help both achieve their goals. We are online, on devices and live with experiential engagements. We understand the buyer’s behavior and evolving needs and connect them with the seller through continual touchpoints. From discovery through purchase and purchase through advocacy, we supply unmatched access, insight, engagement and turnkey solutions all in one place. 

Jennifer Carl: Tell me about Questex’s mission.

Paul Miller: Our customers sit in the center of our business strategy. Our mission is to provide them with the right information in the right context and at the right time throughout the buying journey, saving them time.

Jennifer Carl: What were you doing before you joined Questex as CEO?

Paul Miller: My entire career has been in the information services business with extensive experience in growing businesses in the events, data information and digital media markets globally. I’ve led and grown businesses with revenues ranging from $30 - $250 million in both privately owned and publicly held companies such as Informa, Penton, UBM, CMP and Reed. Most recently, before joining Questex, I was at Informa. Throughout my career, my focus has been building high performing cultures that are fun places to work and become strong partners with the communities they serve.

Jennifer Carl: How did you get your start in the technology industry?

Paul Miller: My first job straight out of college was at Reed in the UK where I was a telesales rep for a computer publication. I moved to CMP in Europe and, eventually to the US as Publishing Director of EE Times. I was responsible for all the products and people relating to the world's leading media and event brand for design engineers and managers. We grew very fast in the 1990’s, launching online at COMDEX in 1994. My job changed significantly after the dotcom bust of 2001. We drove digital revenues to record levels and we improved profitability. We achieved this by focusing on building a world-class team and a dedication to helping solve our customers marketing challenges in innovative and creative ways.

Jennifer Carl: What are your goals for the next 5 years? Where do you see yourself and Questex?

Paul Miller: Questex has massive potential serving markets that are vibrant, growing and experiencing significant levels of disruption that are creating exciting opportunities. My core goal for the company is to unlock its unrealized potential so real growth can flourish. In five years Questex will have created and will hold dominant positions in the Beauty and Wellness, Travel, Hospitality, Pharma and Technology markets.

Jennifer Carl: Give us your TechTip of the month.

Paul Miller: Spend time with your customers. If possible, try to live a day in the life of your customer observing how they use technology, how they interact with your products and where they have challenges. Use these observations, preferably from a diverse team at your company (not just sales), to craft cutting-edge, new to market solutions that your customers need.

Jennifer Jennifer Carl is the Director of Software & Services Division Programs. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware @SIIAJennifer