What's Your Niche Publishing IQ? Here Are 7 Questions to Find Out.

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What's your niche publishing IQ? Answer these seven questions on topics that will all be addressed in greater detail at SIPA Annual 2019, June 3-5 in Washington, D.C. 

1. Last month, what country had the greatest percentage of its people listen to a podcast?
a. Spain
b. United States
c. Sweden
d. South Korea

Attend How 3 Publishers Became Award-Winning Podcasters starring Joseph Coleman, director of content, Coleman Publishing, Lynn Freer, president, Spidell Publishing Inc. and Stephanie Williford, CEO, EB Medicine. June 4, 10:15 am. 

2. According to a recent study by ON24, the best day for webinar attendance is:
a. Tuesday
b. Wednesday
c. Thursday
d. Friday

Join Clive Riddle of MCOL for a session titled Deploying Webinar Attendee Analytics to Drive Marketing and Strategic Decision Making. June 4, 2:20 pm. 

3. According to a survey from Cvent, more than 2/3 of mobile event app downloaders had a positive experience last time, and 70% found them extremely valuable. But what percentage of respondents reported being offered a mobile app at the last event they attended?
a. 35%
b. 25%
c. 50%
d. 10%

Learn how Government Executive Media Group built a robust event marketing program into their overall strategy and the impressive results they achieved in a session titled Event Marketing: How to Grow Your Event Registrants and Target the Right Audience. The speakers from GEMG are Allie DeNicuolo, senior director of marketing, digital & events, and Constance Sayers, president. June 4, 10:15 am.


4. Fill in the blank. At last year's SIPA Annual, Brian Crotty, CEO of OPIS by IHS Markit, told us that "Collaboration is always better than non-collaboration, and _________________ collaboration is better than having the same 10 guys in a room."

Erin Hallstrom, director, digital strategy, Food Processing, Putman Media, will lead the session Everybody In: How to Utilize Your Entire Team When Generating New Ideas that Boost the Bottom Line. June 4, 2:20 pm.

5. According to a study last year by ValueSelling Associates, the most important skill for a salesperson connecting with new prospects is:
a. Conducting research to identify target prospects who are decision makers
b. Getting an introduction via referral
c. Face-to-face networking
d. Using social media to build personas

Jim Sinkinson, of Fired Up! Marketing will lead a Sales Training Flash Bootcamp for Marketers: Turn These Powerful Principles into Breakthrough Marketing Materials. June 5, 11:15 am. Also at that time, Ryan Vincent, director of media sales, EHS, Simplify Compliance, will present The New Frontier of Digital Media Sales Strategy: Relationship Building and Conveying Value.

Sinkinson will also lead a Pre-Conference Workshop titled Information Memberships: A Proven Model for Increasing Customer Engagement, Improving Retention and Boosting Lifetime Sales. 

6. According to The B2B Data Activation Priority—a recently released study conducted by Forrester Consulting for Dun & Bradstreet—what percentage of B2B marketers base decisions on data rather than on personal intuition and experience.
a. 75%
b. 62%
c. 52%
d. 37%

Emily Laermer, data visualization editor, Ignites | BoardIQ - Financial Times publications, will lead the session Numbers Drive Engagement: Telling Compelling Stories Using Data. June 5, 10:15 am.

 7. Fill in the blank. Vlad Eidelman, VP of research at FiscalNote and the second-day keynote speaker at SIPA Annual, wrote the following earlier this year: "A large part of the misinterpretation of machine learning is that we use the word—learning—as shorthand to represent what the algorithm is doing. Learning comes with all sorts of baggage that presupposes certain things. It's easier if we replace it with computing, or counting, or something else that explicitly denotes that what's happening is a __________________ operation."

a. medical
b. marketing
c. math
d. long drawn out


1.d - South Korea (by far) – an amazing 58%
2.c – Thursday 28%, followed by Wednesday 27% and Tuesday 24%
3. b – 25% (see the disconnect)
4 diverse
5.a - 63%
6.c – The relatively low percentage (52%) may stem from a lack of confidence in and access to the data marketers might have, because only 49% have data that they fully trust to be complete and accurate.
7.c – Eidelman then gives an example, changing "It learned how to recognize faces" to "It solved for variables in a math equation based on the co-occurrence of pixels and an arbitrary human provided label." This will be a keynote worth hearing.

1-3 right – You have to register for SIPA Annual 2019!
4-6 right – You have to register for SIPA Annual 2019 and lead a roundtable!
7 right – You have to register for SIPA Annual 2019 and come to the networking dinners! But stay huumble.

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