SIIA Vision from the Top Featuring the CEO of TrackStreet

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Andrew Schydlowsky, Chief Executive Officer, TrackStreet

A serial entrepreneur and acknowledged eCommerce expert, Andrew previously founded Sticky, the leading online tool for adding customer-driven conversations to video and web pages, and Performance Unlimited - an etailer, distributor, and retailer of health and wellness products.

The Pacific Coast Business Times has recognized Andrew with a 40 Under 40 Award.


TrackStreet is the leading SaaS platform to protect + grow the world’s best brands.  TrackStreet’s platform puts the power of Artificial Intelligence and Automation in the hands of hundreds of brands to protect brand value, enforce resale pricing and MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policies and increase channel sales. For more information, visit

Jennifer Carl: Tell me about TrackStreet’s mission.

Andrew Schydlowsky: TrackStreet helps our clients regain their power. Power means: control of their market, their brand, their business relationships, and their day to day professional lives. We want to automate everything we can to give our clients superpowers of efficiency, insight, and impact, allowing them to focus on what really matters most. We judge our success by how well we're able to empower our clients to be more successful in achieving their goals, whether those are to stop rogue sellers from abusing their brand online, or whether those are growing the value over their brand over time, resulting in improved revenue and profitability, reseller relationships, and more.

Provide a workplace environment where our employees work on what they're passionate about and are rewarded for transparency, collaboration, and innovation. I believe that our professional lives should empower us across all dimensions of life, and if we create a nurturing and fulfilling company environment for our team, that work environment can have tremendous impact on multiple levels of life.

Jennifer Carl: What were you doing before you started and became CEO of TrackStreet?

Andrew Schydlowsky: I've been a serial entrepreneur in the eCommerce world since 1998, but immediately before starting TrackStreet, I was founder of another SaaS technology startup named Sticky, which added a community crowd-sourced interactivity layer to pre-existing video or web page content.

Jennifer Carl: How did you get your start in the technology industry?

Andrew Schydlowsky: As mentioned earlier, I started my first eCommerce company selling nutritional products for athletes direct to consumer via the Internet in 1998. As that business evolved, I created a number of technology solutions, which gave my own companies an enormous competitive advantage. However, it never occurred to me that I could be building technology for other firms to use, until a moment of great insight in 2011. At that moment, everything shifted and it was clear where my future was. And I jumped.

Jennifer Carl: What are your goals for the next 5 years? Where do you see yourself and TrackStreet?

Andrew Schydlowsky: I believe that we're building a platform of smart, interconnected applications, which will serve as the dashboard and the growth engine for multi-channel brand building and commerce. We'll connect traditional ERP systems, Sales tools, and marketing automation systems to a continual stream of gathered and interpreted data, which will bring their brands closer to their consumers and retail touchpoints, while at the same time, giving them an almost unfair advantage over their competition.

Jennifer Carl: Give us your TechTip of the month

Andrew Schydlowsky: I believe that business ideas can be split into vitamins and pain pills. People take vitamins because over time, they believe that vitamins will be good for them, though they don't often see immediate results. Vitamin ideas can be great. They can be super cool. However, people aren't often very motivated to make decisions around things that don't have immediate impact and those decisions about vitamins are often postponed over and over. Pain pills though, are quite different. When your head's exploding, you'll do just about anything to get out of pain, quickly, won't you? Be the pain pill.

Jennifer Jennifer Carl is the Director of Software & Services Division Programs. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware @SIIAJennifer