A New Event, Around Awards or an 'Isolated' Group, Can Be Just the Ticket

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The theme for SIPA Annual 2019 is Make More Money and no session might symbolize that more than Launching a New Event and Reinvigorating Existing Ones with Brian Cuthbert, group vice president, Diversified Communications. "Learn tips on how to get started with generating revenue for an event, even when you don't have a separate department or resources dedicated to this endeavor."


Sometimes a new event will come out of an ignored group. HCPro's National Association of Healthcare Revenue Integrity came about when the Simplified Compliance division looked at registrations for other events and noticed "a new job title popping up and we had never seen this title before." They started picking up the phone and calling customers, asking, "What does that mean?" "I don't really know," came the answer. "I'm isolated. I've been given this title. There's nobody else who does this in my organization."

A survey, free resource and e-newsletter later (that drew 2,500 sign-ups), and voila, 400 people signed up for the new association. Now there's a 2019 Revenue Integrity Symposium in October and Revenue Integrity Week, June 3-7. HCPro previously achieved similar success with CDI Week for the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists

Another new SIPA member event that stands out is the Short Form Video Festival from Cynopsis, a division of Access Intelligence. It began in 2017, won a 2018 SIPAward for Best Awards Program Marketing, and I'm happy to see that the 2019 awards festival took place at the SVA Theatre in New York and is now celebrated on their website.  

What seems replicable is that Cynopsis built the event out of their new awards. The awards festival—clever to call it a festival—offers panels on the state of short form video, the actual awards presentation, and opportunities to network with creators, buyers and jurors. (In the film world, judges are jurors.)

The first event brought in 300 entries representing 100 companies and a good chunk of revenue. Here are more things Cynopsis does right with this event:

1. Display the winning videos. The 2019 winners listed on the website all come with links to their winning videos. So you can watch the Fenway Dog Feature or Celebrating Mister Rogers Google Doogle or Web of Fries. Cynopsis also makes its own short-form videos to market the festival. Even more impressive, their 2018 site featured a two-minute video of highlights from the 2017 festival that's just riveting.

2. Recruit a high-caliber panel of jurors. Getting content in front of these experienced executives is enticing enough for creators, let alone becoming a finalist and eventually placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the program. Jurors for 2019 included film executives from Vox Media, Meredith and Common Sense

3. Offer many varied categories. The first year they had 20 categories, and then 25 in 2018 and it looks like even more this year. In addition, content on any platform is eligible: YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and more... (They define short form video as content that runs from 5 seconds to 10 minutes.)

4. Go email-heavy. The original messaging was focused on highlighting the benefits of being named a Cynopsis Short Form Video Award honoree, the chance to get work judged by esteemed jurors, and the half-day conference and networking event with the industry's top talent and decision-makers.

5. Show who's coming. There's an extensive sponsorship page that breaks down who came last year, who's coming this year (we all like to see that), who sponsored, and what types of companies should sponsor.

Just Asking 

Last week's quiz asked: A recent Webinar Benchmarks Report from ON24 recommended 3 of these 4 tips for adding pizazz to your webinar. Which one did they not recommend?

a. Add pauses and interactions;
b. Integrate video features;
c. Use playback options and channels
d. Host your webinar in the early morning.

The answer is d. They said the best time to hold a webinar is 2 pm Eastern, unless you have a European audience and then it might be 11 or noon. Read more takeaways from that report in yesterday's SIPAlert Daily.

At SIPA Annual 2019, join Clive Riddle of MCOL for a session titled Deploying Webinar Attendee Analytics to Drive Marketing and Strategic Decision Making.

This week's quiz question:

According to The State of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing, a study by DemandMetric in partnership with DemandBase and Pardot, what percentage of B2B marketers is now employing artificial intelligence in their marketing?

a. 18%
b. 25%
c. 35%
d. 5%

Answer next week.

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