New Tracks, More Technology and Legal Talk Give SIPA 2019 an Edge

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Speaking last week with Adam Goldstein, publisher of Business Management Daily and the SIPA executive board member in charge of SIPA Annual 2019, a few highlights stood out for me—in between his many mentions of the conference theme: Make More Money. "It's really a very straightforward theme," he said.

You will see more about technology. "To make more money, technology is so important for all of us today," Goldstein said. "It's kind of, 'Ignore at your own peril.' We will be showing you the bells and whistles that can lead to more money in your pocket and strong growth."

Get on board with new tracks. "We have a couple new tracks this year," Goldstein said. One is Events: Webinars and Conferences. It's the number one growth area for many publishers now. So we are responding to that. The other is The Customer: Sales, Retention and Experience. A lot of what we do can sound good and even be fun, but if it's not helping people succeed, then what good is it? This will be about engagement and enhancing the customer experience. I remember a quote someone told me years ago: 'Don't tell me about your grass seed. Tell me about my lawn.'"


You'll hear keynote speakers addressing big topics of the day. First there will be Danica Stanciu, vice president of Politico Pro, a premium intelligence platform geared to professionals involved in policy and politics that melds data with news. In the first phase of a strategic $10 million investment—and looking to deepen user engagement across its platforms and evolve its business model—Politico has launched the Politico Pro user experience. "Where others push news alerts, we will pull our subscribers into a comprehensive ecosystem that delivers news, data and context in a personalized way through our proprietary smart engine," Stanciu said. It will be exciting to hear her expound on this.

The other keynote, Vlad Eidelman, is the VP of research at FiscalNote, which bought CQ Roll Call last year. He brings a fully nuanced view to research, data and machine learning, a topic no one wants to get left behind on these days.

Have a legal question? You'll save money by asking it here. "Recently we had a situation at Business Management Daily where I needed some legal advice and spoke to Chris," Goldstein said. That's Chris Mohr, general counsel, vice president of intellectual property, for SIIA (SIPA's parent organization). "He was very helpful and I'm really happy we have him and Jack Simms [partner, Wittliff | Cutter | Austin PLCC] doing that Legal Eagle Networking Breakfast Tuesday morning. When I owned my publishing business, I retained Chris's firm, and it turned out to be a very good judgment in our favor." Mohr will also be holding a session on Monday afternoon June 3 on Federal and International Privacy Policy: What You Need to Know. And if that's not enough, Goldstein said, "just let us know a topic that concerns you and we'll have Chris address it."

Come early, stay late. While SIPA is keeping all the features that people love, Goldstein said—roundtables, speed networking, Dutch treat dinners, etc.—there will be more. "We're doing two very solid Pre-Conference Workshops. One is titled Extraordinary Examples for Marketing, Product Development and Sales and How to Implement Them Successfully Into Your Publishing House. The presenters are Denise Elliott and Arno Langbehn. Anyone who has ever seen Arno present knows how entertaining and informative he is. And Denise is a big ticket now. [She was recently named CEO of Kiplinger.] She has always been a specialized publishing star and now she's a star in her world as well.

"We're also adding a Wednesday afternoon Marketing Masters session to make it a more robust and fuller conference. For our European members, it will give them more reason to come across the pond. And if people on this side can stay longer, we think this robust, interactive session will make it worth their while."

Goldstein also promises "a few surprises"—but says you'll have to come to Washington June 3-5 to find out what they are.

"I have never been to a bad SIPA conference," Goldstein concluded. "This year I'm planning to go to the best one."

Just Asking...

Last week's quiz asked about long-time SIPA member Warren Communications. Their Communications Daily participated in a demonstration that made it, according to then-publisher Al Warren, the first newsletter ever to be delivered by satellite. It occurred in 1989. 

A recent Webinar Benchmarks Report from ON24 recommended 3 of these 4 tips for adding pizazz to your webinar. Which one did they not recommend?

a. Add pauses and interactions;
b. Integrate video features;
c. Use playback options and channels
d. Host your webinar in the early morning.

Look for the answer next Wednesday and a soon-to-come look at that report!


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