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With the deadline looming for SIPAwards entries—you can't win if you don't enter!—it's a good time to list some of the profiles I wrote on 2018 winners. The SIPAwards are a total win-win-win entity. Great efforts get recognized, members read about them, we get more entries, and a celebratory lunch at SIPA Annual 2019 is enjoyed by all.

Here's a rundown of those profiles with brief descriptions and links to the full stories and strategies.

How a G-rated, B2B Rap Video Went Viral and Drove 40% of Event Traffic.
Every time I watch Informa Engage's 1st place, SIPAward-winning video entry for their 2017 Expo West & Engredea Conference, I hum along—okay, I admit it, I even try doing some semblance of rapping. It's a very catchy tune. 

Get your show bag,
get your hashtag,
get your map,
your app,
and your brand swag.
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How an Access Intelligence Group Used Targeted Email, Video Promotions and Podcasts to Double Their Event Revenue
Knowing the popularity of podcasts, it's impressive to see when they are used for conference marketing—as Access Intelligence did with its second annual 2018 Connected Plant Conference. In a five-minute interview, the speaker talks about his role in the industry and then praises the second-year conference. 
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How Irving Levin's Winning Video Blogs Drive Subscribers
Two of the three blog posts submitted for Irving Levin's SIPAward-winning entry are part of an ongoing feature that they call 60 Seconds With Steve Monroe. Monroe is the longtime editor of Irving Levin. Those two posts drew 1,823 and 1,425 unique page views, respectively, and often attract Irving Levin's biggest audiences.
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How DecisionHealth Used a Valued Print Product as a Lead to Bigger Profits
Speaking with customers and prospects, Crystal Summers, marketing manager, Simplify Compliance, heard something interesting. Although electronic coding had definitely gained popularity, many people in the field still relied heavily on their books—sometimes even in conjunction with electronic coding products. And she happened to have some good books sitting around.
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Money-Media's Skilled and Winning Marketing Campaign Gets ThinkTank Rolling
Money-Media's ThinkTank provides asset managers a free forum to publish and share their thought leadership and white papers with their audience. And then Money-Media collects the data of who reads them. "In the past month, we think we crossed the line, and community engagement is now high enough to monetize the platform significantly," said Dan Fink, managing director of Money-Media.
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Reader-Focused Content and New Portals Fuel Winning Nextgov Site
Nextgov—Government Executive Media Group's go-to information resource for federal technology decision-makers—gathered insights from key readers and clients to determine their objectives for a new website. The site debuted in November 2017, achieving these metrics:

  • The average depth of visit to Nextgov grew 15%:
  • Monthly unique users ballooned by 53%;
  • Page views on site jumped 38%.

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At 4,500-Plus Downloads Per Week, 'AdExchanger Talks' Wins With Great Content and Humanity
No one should be intimidated by podcasts," said Zach Rodgers, executive editor of Access Intelligence's AdExchanger and host of the excellent AdExchanger Talks. "It's a good way to do journalism, and it can really be a key arrow in your quiver for any media brand. It's extending the ways you can touch people." They just recorded Episode 118, so extending they are.
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'Social' Commitment Brings OPIS Revenue, Leads and a SIPAward
For a company that didn't have much of a Twitter and LinkedIn following in early 2017, OPIS has social-ized quickly. Since June of that year, when they started with Hubspot and tracking was implemented, they've gained 2,600 followers between the two platforms, revenue of over $6,000 and 177 new leads between paid and organic sources.
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How CBIS' Winning GrantScape Continues to Generate Revenue and Audience
In 2017, Columbia Books & Information Services developed "a new proprietary web-tracking system that notifies the staff whenever a grant-making entity updates their website with new grant opportunities. Monitoring websites for relevant changes, rather than blindly searching for updates, allows for maximum efficiency in data collection and improves the currency of the data available." It keeps evolving and growing and can serve as a blueprint for other ideas you may have.
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