The Strategies Behind 11 2018 SIPAward Winners

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With the opening of the submission period for the 2019 SIPAwards—40 years and counting!—it's a good time to list the 2018 SIPAward winner profiles that I wrote last year. Here is a rundown of those with brief descriptions and links to the full stories and strategies.

Money-Media's Skilled and Winning Marketing Campaign Gets ThinkTank Rolling
Money-Media's ThinkTank provides asset managers a free forum to publish and share their thought leadership and white papers with their audience. "In the past month, we think we crossed the line, and community engagement is now high enough to monetize the platform significantly," said Dan Fink, managing director of Money-Media.
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January Spring Uses Personas, Analytics and a Contest to Create a Winning New SiteZ
January Spring teamed with NOCO Style, "Northern Colorado's Premier Magazine," to create a new digital version that brought in many new readers, subscribers and advertisers. Even though the magazine is B2C, there are many B2B lessons to be learned from this winning collaboration.
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An Audience Survey and Savvy Host Give EB Medicine a Winning Video
"Results from a 2017 subscriber survey prompted us to fast-track the launch: one in 10 practicing emergency clinicians who responded said they liked watching videos to learn about the latest treatments/therapies/protocols..." That put the EB Medicine team in motion, leading to their 2018 SIPAward-winning video series.
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How AAA Northeast Vastly Increased Its Digital Engagement
For most of 2017, AAA Northeast posted one blog story per day, with monthly updates of print content transferred to the site. For all of 2017, they had just over 1.7 million page views. Then in December of 2017 they launched—with Mequoda's help—the current Your AAA Network site, with more than 500 stories, a calendar, guides, a podcast, etc. The results? More than 5 million page views and counting.
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How an Access Intelligence Group Doubled Their Event Revenue
Knowing the popularity of podcasts, it's impressive to see when they are used for conference marketing—as Access Intelligence did with its second annual 2018 Connected Plant Conference. In a five-minute interview, the speaker talks about his role in the industry and then praises the second-year conference. 
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How Behr's Verlag Won Big With a Video Package
"Identify the problem," Jim Sinkinson told us in a session on developing new products. "Customers aren't going to tell you what kind of product to develop. They're only going to tell you what their habits and problems are. It's up to you to determine the solution." Long-time SIPA member Behr's Verlag in Hamburg, Germany, followed this advice perfectly and thus created a SIPAward-winning and revenue-generating video package.
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How Cynopsis Created an Instantly Successful Video Awards Festival
Cynopsis, a division of Access Intelligence, built an event out of their new awards, offering panels on the state of short form video, the actual awards presentation, and opportunities to network with creators, buyers and jurors. Their marketing for the event brought in 300 entries representing 100 companies and a good chunk of revenue, earning them a 1st Place SIPAward.
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How DecisionHealth Used a Valued Product as a Lead to Bigger Profits
Speaking with customers and prospects, Crystal Summers, marketing manager, Simplify Compliance, heard something interesting. Although electronic coding had definitely gained popularity, many people in the field still relied heavily on their books—sometimes even in conjunction with electronic coding products.
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'Social' Commitment Brings OPIS Revenue, Leads and a SIPAward
For a company that didn't have much of a Twitter and LinkedIn following in early 2017, OPIS has social-ized quickly. Since June, when they started with Hubspot and tracking was implemented, they've gained 2,600 followers between the two platforms, revenue of over $6,000 and 177 new leads between paid and organic sources.
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Quizzes Net Education Week Revenue, Audience and a SIPAward
Reading the comments for some of Education Week's excellent weekly quizzes, you start to get an idea why quizzes are such effective lead-generation tools. People take them very seriously. Two takers explain why they missed one question—they can't know rules in every state. Others talk about the relevant issues brought up in the questions.
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A More Efficient Website Nets MIND Research More Views, Traffic and a SIPAward
Since launching their new website, MIND Research Institute's ST Math traffic has increased by 84%—143,000 average monthly visitors in Q1 and Q2 of fiscal year 2018, compared to 77,500 average monthly visitors in fiscal year 2017. Here are some keys to their success.
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