Early 2019 SIPA Member News

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Kovel's Antiques President Terry Kovel Gets Quoted as Industry Expert

Terry Kovel, president of Kovel's Antiques, is quoted as an industry expert on A1 of The Washington Post today. The article is titled History or Hatred? Selling Hitler's Belongings and Nazi Artifacts Stirs a Backlash. Here's a clip:

Which items of the past are worth keeping? Which spoils of war should be preserved? And which symbols of hatred are better off consigned to history's trash heap? ...The demand for these objects is intensifying, according to Terry Kovel, the co-founder of a 51-year-old annual price guide for antiques and memorabilia.

"The market for historic Nazi memorabilia is definitely growing," she said. "A lot of people are afraid the whole Nazi thing has been forgotten, and they want to show what was going on. More of it is coming out of hiding, too, because so much of the material came home with soldiers who are getting to the age of dying, and their families are selling it off."

Kovel was also featured in 2017 on the WVIZ/PBS show Applause, an Emmy award-winning TV show in Cleveland and northeast Ohio. Kovel often auctions antiques and collectibles on air for the station's fundraiser. The WVIZ/PBS crew visited the Kovels offices to create a short, on-location segment, which can be viewed on the WVIZ/PBS website or the Kovel's website.

Forbes Features Article on SIIA's New CEO, Jeff Joseph

Incoming CEO at SIIA Assesses Challenges in B2B Media and Other Sectors. Thus reads the headline of a story by Tony Silber posted Dec. 27 on Forbes.com. (SIPA is a division of SIIA.) Here are a few snippets:

Jeff Joseph, the new CEO of the Software & Information Industry Association, has a clear sense of the opportunities as he moves into his new job. The six organizations that together comprise the SIIA are disparate, he acknowledges. Some are related, and others not as much.

But what connects them all, in Joseph's view, is that each division is focused on driving growth in the current information economy. And that unifying thread creates major opportunities for SIIA. "If you think about the evolution of the knowledge economy, you had mainframe computers, desktop, then internet devices and apps, and now it's about data and information," he says. "Our member companies have been in this space for a long time. I think we're really well positioned to attract new companies and new business sectors."

And then speaking of the publishing industry, Joseph said this:

"The challenge is recognizing how the world has changed. We know there are key challenges facing that segment. The impact of technology, the impact of the new content providers. But we have a lot to teach some of those [platform] companies, in the same way they have the ability to innovate and move quickly. It can be a really interesting dialogue."

Herb Jackson Leaves the USA TODAY Network New Jersey to Join CQ Roll Call

My former college roommate and student newspaper colleague at Rutgers, Herb Jackson, has just left a long career covering New Jersey politics and government to start a new job covering transportation for CQ Roll Call, which is owned by SIPA member FiscalNote.

"I'm definitely excited about what's going on at CQ and eager to get started there," he wrote. "I look forward to sharing more info about the ways they're finding new ways to serve their audience."

Congratulations Herb!

Now's a Good Time to Start a Question of the Week

MedLearn Media has a Compliance Question of the Week that gets excellent traction. "Get answers to tough questions relevant to your specialty." They have six categories, each including a question: Cardiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, Respiratory and General.

"What is the intent of code 93463?" Click on "Read the Answer" and find out.

This does take some upkeep and commitment. But what's great about a feature like this is that people like to be quizzed so it draws good engagement, And it builds up an excellent and comprehensive archive. You can also sign up to receive the quiz each week.

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