How SIPA Members Are Benefiting From Customer-Created Content

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In my member profile last week with Clive Riddle, president of MCOL, a leading publisher of healthcare business information, there was a description of a micro-site they have called Health Sprocket.

Billed as "the home for health care lists," Health Sprocket is a place companies can go on and either search for lists or post ones of their own. In the latter, it's similar a bit to Money-Media's ThinkTank that I wrote about this week. ThinkTank invites asset managers to publish articles there that can be exposed to large audiences that perhaps would not see them any other way.

Both of these platforms are helping MCOL and Money-Media, respectively, create top-performing content. "We'll have the 25 top-rated Medicare plans, 10 cities that get healthcare right, things like that," Riddle said. "We have another site where we post videos with healthcare business interests. B2B can get lost on YouTube among all the consumer videos. Here, people can comment on them, rank them, and it becomes content."

Of Health Sprocket's 7 most-viewed lists over the last seven months, four start with a number—9 Things to Know From CMS About 2018 Medicare Advantage; 5 Ways Employers Are Elevating Employee Health Engagement; 5 States With the Highest Medicaid Enrollment; and 6 Medicaid Policy Recommendations. There's no denying the power of clicking on lists. (Same with that magic arrow that sits in the middle of a video.)

What's great about data is that once you have the information—or in this case the articles—they can be presented in so many ways. Most Viewed, Trending, Newest, Featured. Top-Rated, Most Commented, Lists by Author. You can also create your own SpocketPocket, which is a collection of links to your favorite Health Sprocket lists and pages. And then subscribe to the SprocketRocket, the e-newsletter for the Health Sprocket community. (I know there's a Jetsons reference to make here, but I would just be showing my age.)

Another effective way to acquire content is to ask for videos. EB Medicine has a special highlight they call Featured Subscriber. "Want to be featured here? Send us your video about why you love EB Medicine." The one they have posted on their homepage now is with Christian Bridgwater, a board-certified emergency medicine physician practicing at Northeastern Indiana.

"He's been a subscriber to Emergency Medicine Practice since 2006, and he loves that it's written by experts, is available when and where he needs it, and includes all of the annual CME credits required." On the two-minute-long video, he tells what he does and where, in a very likeable way. This is a great testimonial that also provides information and puts a face to everything they do and stand for.

You usually see those types of features more in B2C than B2B. In October, SIPA member Hudson Valley Parent asked readers for stories from parents of teens who have fought through teen depression. "Share your stories and help other moms on our new REAL TALK BLOG launching this November." Their December magazine also features the popular Favorite Docs feature which highlights doctors and dentists that readers nominate.

Chesapeake Family had a Fall Photo Contest where parents sent cute photos of their children enjoying fall festivities. "The best photos will be featured in the October issue, and one lucky photo could be even be featured on the cover!" Sure enough it made for a great cover. Oh, the photo with the most votes won a $50 gift card—always helpful to include encouragement.

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