Lessons From SIPA Websites: Go Big, Talk Yourself Up and Build Archives

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I've been perusing the websites of SIPA members and found some features very much worth replicating. Here they are:

Build up an archive with a question or tip of the week.
MedLearn Media has a Question of the Week. "Get answers to tough questions relevant to your specialty." They have six categories, each including a question: Cardiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, Respiratory and General. So this does take some upkeep. But what's great about a feature like this is that people like to be quizzed so it draws good engagement, AND it builds up an excellent and comprehensive archive. You can also sign up to receive the quiz each week.

And talk about archives.
Modern Distribution Management has had a Management Tip of the Week for many years now. The archives looks like it's 39 pages deep now, and the excellent tips are still coming! "MDM's editors provide a concise but practical tip each week for wholesale distribution executives based on expert insight in the MDM Archives."

Go big.
BVR went from a copy-dominated homepage where your eyes weren't quite sure where to go, to a colorful, focused homepage with a screen-filling photo of people at work and these big words in the middle:

Every trustworthy
business valuation

An easy-to-see Learn More box sits just underneath. Upcoming Training and Latest News dominate the bottom half. After about six months of the new site, they saw: a 29% increase in organic traffic; a 38% increase in website visits from people in other countries (helpful for their global initiative); a 20% rise in people visiting through keywords; and an 800% increase in demo requests! 

And bigger.
FiscalNote, which just acquired CQ Roll Call, likes the big type as well. Go to their homepage and an even bigger "OWN YOUR ISSUES" stares back at you. "From awareness to action, FiscalNote is a better way for organizations to manage the state, federal, and international issues that affect them most." 

Practice gamification.
BioWorld has a Cast Your Vote feature on their homepage. "Should there be restrictions on the use of gene-editing technology?" I voted, "No, there should be oversight but no impediments to research." After you vote, the results come up. 56% of the respondents chose, "Yes, there should be some restrictions because of the implications to the human germline." (Mine had 30%.) It's a good engagement tool that doesn't need too much upkeep. 

Talk up your accomplishments.
Terry Kovel of Kovels was featured last year on the WVIZ/PBS show Applause, a locally-produced, Emmy award-winning TV show that celebrates artists and cultural groups around Cleveland and northeast Ohio. Kovel has been a long-time supporter of public television, and she auctions antiques and collectibles on air for the station's fundraiser. The WVIZ/PBS crew visited the Kovels offices to create a short, on-location segment, which can be viewed on the WVIZ/PBS website. There's also a nice feature celebrating this on the Kovels website

And awards.
On their homepage, January Spring features an article about their winning a 2018 SIPAward. It's accompanied by a photo of the award winners at SIPA Annual. They also, very cleverly, include an article concerning the project they won for: How to Launch a Digital Strategy in Less Than 60 Days.

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