Test Your Publishing Knowledge With This BIMS Quiz

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There was the Jackson 5 (can you name them?), Michigan's Fab 5, the 2019 Super Bowl halftime act Maroon 5 (really), and, of course, 5 Golden Rings (we're only a couple months away from the holidays). Add to that BIMS 5.

Yes, we are up to Year 5 for our autumnal solution bonanza we call Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), taking place Nov. 12-14 in Fort Lauderdale! Whereas SIPA Annual in June and the Connectiv Summit in May focus on their specific areas, BIMS melds together both to offer a best-of-the-best in marketing, revenue strategies, data products and content initiatives.

And there's a dinner on the beach.

See if you can answer these 6 questions that will be addressed in sunny and warm Florida. 

1. "One of my content producers talks about ways to give users and readers more ways to interact with the site," said Mike Dempsey, editor, digital publications for AAA Northeast. One of those ways is podcasts, and a popular one is Katie Linendoll Reveals Must-Have Travel Gadgets for 2018. What online extras does AAA Northeast feature with its podcasts?
a. exciting photos
b. social media buttons
c. a transcript
d. all of the above
e. a map of New Jersey

The Session - A Year in the Life of an Audience Engagement Tool - Mike Dempsey and Andrew Rosen, Managing Director, AAA Northeast.


2. "Most of my early career was in marketing and events," said Constance Sayers, president of Government Executive Media Group. "So helping clients tell their brand stories and helping them market events is something I'm really passionate about." Fill in the blank for this trending marketing mantra: Story telling not____________
a. fairy tales
b. marketing pitches
c. senate hearings
d. story selling
e. Tori Spelling

The Session - Event Marketing: Leveraging Technology to Increase Your Top and Bottom Line - Constance Sayers and Kimberly St. Lawrence, Marketing Director of Professional Development, Simplify Compliance


3. Opening keynote speaker James Pogue, CEO of James Pogue Enterprises, says that the common denominator between the generations is that all of us value three things: people, purpose and what?
a. places
b. podcasts
c. community
d. privacy
e. Amazon prime

The Keynote: Mastering Multi-Generational Engagements


4. In a successful move, when Access Intelligence's Cynopsis Media held their 2nd Annual Rising Star Awards a couple years ago, they asked honorees that instead of speeches, they should do this:
a. share the best advice they'd ever gotten
b. quickly exit the stage
c. call to the stage their mentor
d. tweet out their reaction

The Session - Award Programs: Increase Participation, Build Your Brand and Develop Fans - Danielle Sikes, Senior Marketing Manager, Access Intelligence.

5. Which of these is not a lesson learned in OPIS's SIPAward-winning website redesign coordinated by Rick Wilkes, director of marketing, and Ashlee Bovello, SEO and website marketing manager?
a. Make everything mobile first
b. Clean and audit your site
c. Make sure your videos are on YouTube
d. Don't worry about weekend traffic; it's insignificant

The Session - Optimizing Your Website for Customers and Data - Ed Coburn, President, Cabot Heritage and Dennis O'Brien, Principal, O'Brien Media Group


6. In a B2B customer experience study done earlier this year, one of the key findings was that, "At the heart of an experience is a __________?"
a. another experience
b. relationship
c. dollar sign
d. sale

The Sessions - Three Technologies That Will Redefine Your Customer Experience and Simplify Your Workflow - Donna Jefferson, CEO, Jefferson Communications, and Roberta Muller, SVP Product Development, Northstar Travel Group



1. d - and, AAA added, the transcripts "were not expensive"
2. d - story telling not story selling
3. c - people, purpose and community - "Focus on that and we can drive employee engagement."
4. a - the advice was "by turns poignant and funny."
5. d - in fact they urged pushing people to your site on weekends
6. b - The relationship is built in different ways in the B2B world and is multi-faceted. However, the use of B2C techniques, targeted and tailored to individual stakeholders, will build a sustainable long-term relationship.

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