SSD Webinar | How Will AI and Data-Driven Learning Transform the Global Education Industry?

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Today the SIIA community and our member Alelo gathered for an informational webcast on how AI and Data-Driven Learning will Transform the Global Education Industry.

Lewis Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and President of Alelo discussed how AI is enabling a new data-driven approach to the design and delivery of instruction. Cloud-based AI tools automatically collect and analyze data from learners, making them analytics tools as much as learning tools. Machine-learning algorithms applied to learner data accelerate improvements in system performance. Teachers and administrators can use the resulting analytics to detect learner problems and intervene quickly. In the webinar Lewis Johnson described how AI and data-driven learning are accelerating innovation, will help drive the transition from school-based learning to ubiquitous lifelong learning, and will fundamentally transform the global education industry.

Key Takeaways:

·        The combination of artificial intelligence and big data is accelerating innovation in educational technology.

·        AI-based tools provide learners more effective, personalized learning experiences.

·        They provide predictive analytics to learners, teachers, and administrators.

·        AI will turn learning tools into ubiquitous, lifelong learning resources, transforming the global education and training industry. is evolving to create the new digital workplace

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For more information on Alelo please visit their website.


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