Collaborating with your Customer Data Platform

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This is sponsored content by a 2018 SIPA Annual Conference sponsor: Patrick Crane, Account Executive at Blueconic

In between celebrating wildly, (congrats Caps fans!) our nation’s capital played host to The 42nd Specialized Information Publishers Association (SIPA) Annual Conference this past week, where over 250 brands came together in spirit of this year’s theme “Collaborate. Inspire. Grow.”

I had the opportunity to attend from BlueConic and experience the incredible collaborative spirit of the event first hand. During the event, we presented how to unify your first-party data in a customer data platform (CDP), which included a BlueConic case study featuring Brief Media’s success. Brief Media is using our CDP to get to know their audience on an individual level and drive better outcomes, specifically by acquiring more subscribers and reducing subscription churn.

In keeping with the spirit of these two themes – here are some ways to better collaborate within your company to unify your first-party data and get the best use out of your CDP.

Give Your Advertising Team New Products
With all this newly unified first-party data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to serve your advertising clients in new and powerful ways. Think about how to package the segmentation and messaging functions of your CDP as a new add product, or an enhancement on existing products. With lead gen campaigns, ABM, and cross platform targeting now easily deployable your advertising team will have a ton of options when working with clients.

Supercharge Audience Development
The folks in charge of growing and engaging your readership are usually some of the first to the table when onboarding a CDP. Use the CDP’s profiling capabilities to understand readers at the individual level – regardless of their known or anonymous state. With this new insight into your audience, your audience development team can begin deploying more targeted messaging to acquire, engage, and retain your subscriber base. Recommend content based on each reader’s interests and preferences to increase engagement.

Empower Your Editors with Engagement Insights
Use the data collection and visualization capabilities of a CDP to learn more about your readers interests, behaviors, and patterns to give your editors brand new insight into how your audience engages with their content. Create a dashboard that focuses on favorite topics and site engagement to help your editors react to reader trends and build new content opportunities.

Learn More
If you’re new to CDPs, check out our guide to help you get started based on the data and resources you have available today.

Nevena Nevena Jovanovic is the Marketing Manager at SIIA.