Educational Systemics: Matchmaker for the Ed Tech Industry

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Today's guest blogger is Michael Jay, President and CEO of Education Systemics. This marks the 14th year that Educational Systemics has sponsored and managed the One-to-One Business Connections meetings at ETIN conferences.

While matchmaking is only a small part of what we do at Educational Systemics, we are particularly proud of our 14 years sponsoring and managing the One-to-One Business Connections at SIIA Education meetings. Some great business relationships have been kindled during those years of bringing together people representing a diverse set of companies. We base our pairings on a survey completed by participants that captures what each company wants to gain from their participation. This results in what one of my colleagues calls the world's largest Sudoku . . . matching people on as many as ten characteristics. These data include market segment, financial need, business requirement, required expertise, and several more. Some of the matches appear self evident whereas others have a common thread that makes the discussion one of discovering complementary offerings and skill sets.


We have received great feedback on the value of the One-to-One Business Connections. Here are some comments from the past year:

“I've made great connections through the SIIA One-to-One Business Connections. SIIA does a great "matchmaking" job to be sure these meetings are worthwhile.”

“On a couple of occasions there has been a direct and almost instant opportunity. However, most of the connections take some time to percolate. In each instance something of value was extracted from the interaction.”

“…the meetings resulted in positive follow up leads and about a quarter of those leads look especially positive. The best use of 1.5 hours!!!”


You can participate in the SIIA One-to-One Business Connections at no cost other than your Annual Conference Registration. Both the SIIA Ed Tech Industry Network and Educational Systemics are committed to help you succeed. Business relationships have a chance to germinate in the 15-minute meetings, enough time to find those common needs and schedule a follow-up time to continue your discussion. Another benefit comes in the form of personal professional relationships that are ignited in these short one-to-one meetings, relationships that transcend the work of the present, based on common interests and shared goals.  Sign up as a listening or a presenting company here.


While you are at the conference, come talk with me, Michael Jay, about our extensive offerings to help you and your business plan and act systemically by improving your offerings, take advantage of industry technical standards, re-focus for your organization on its core competencies, find and pursue business partnerships, develop and revise business models, conduct a market scan, and much, much more. In our 17th year of doing business and representing over 35 years of experience in various leadership roles in the education marketplace, we are your first call for all education business needs. If we don’t offer what you need, we know who does!


I look forward to seeing you in San Francisco June 11-13.


Michael Jay

Donelle Donelle Blubaugh is the Education Programs Manager at the Education Technology Industry Network (ETIN) of SIIA. Contact Donelle for information about ETIN’s Vision K-20 survey, U.S. K-12 Market survey, Innovation Showcase program or Diversity Initiative.