How to achieve scalable monetization & incremental revenue without investing a single penny in technology

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This blog post is sponsored content by a 2018 Connectiv Executive Summit sponsor: NetLine. NetLine, via its Publisher Lead Generation Platform, is a leader at helping B2B publishers and content studios drive incremental revenue growth via content syndication campaigns that yield leads. With self-serve solutions and unparalleled real-time dynamic reporting, publishers can quickly launch and optimize campaigns while instantly accessing lead and content consumption insights. NetLine’s global, multi-channel network consists of more than 15,000 website properties and reaches a diverse audience of more than 125 million business professionals a month, across more than 300 industry sectors.

Sounds too good to be true right? How could zero expenditures on tech accomplish such a feat? We are of the mindset that enterprise-grade lead gen technology should be accessible to all, and we say it all the time – “democratizing lead gen”. Publishers face evolution of the martech landscape in a way that most other marketers won’t – scale, agility, and innovation in a space that has become more competitive than ever. Through our mindset and the relationships, we’ve forged with publishers, there are some simple ways to look at this new age of lead generation.

Improving efficiencies for clients and publishers

If it normally takes several layers of communication and engineering or development to launch a campaign for a client, then you are doing it wrong. The coordination of all moving parts can delay or prohibit publishers from ramping up campaigns and money is left on the table. Meanwhile, opportunity costs rack up. The client pain points with this process result from IOs, negotiations, creative development and likely, lots of phone calls.

We have talked to a lot of publishers, and some of the common pain points we hear anecdotally are those which involve change management and communication. Most organizations are up against these hurdles and clients often pay the price with disjointed service. When there’s a single solution to meet everyone’s needs, and exponentially less man-power to deliver results, the client gets the leads they want and return for more.

So far, there hasn’t really been a single solution that does all of that. How do we generate quotes? How do we scope lead volume estimates accurately and control under/over deliveries? How do we measure success? Can we roll this out across the board? We get it, there’s a lot to consider when a reputation is on the line. With NetLine’s Publisher Lead Generation Platform, Publishers gain access to a world-class martech stack at cost. With zero commitments, publishers can build, model, and preview of expected costs for client content-based lead generation campaigns and quote rates with confidence.

The filters, and ultimately, the cost parameters can be set based on client preference – so if a client’s sales team only has the bandwidth for 150 leads in two months, the campaign can be set to max out accordingly. Or, if the timeframe is a non-issue, campaigns can be set to max out 

Because of the fully customizable and self-serve back end, publishers can turnaround quotes and even full campaigns on-demand and in minutes. Those publishers that have fully adapted the Platform have reported a 90% or greater improvement in time to launch internal campaigns. 

Flipping the switch

If client campaigns aren’t making an impact via a publisher’s network, what happens next? More opportunity costs. Publishers can leverage the NetLine network, on-demand, and scale up a client campaign with a few clicks. Knowing that you are armed with tremendous volume, often yielded in excess of 800k gated asset leads per month, provides publishers with the comfort and confidence they need to effectively sell performance- oriented lead generation.

Incremental revenue stream

Being blunt, most publisher’s generic form solution falls a little flat – that’s not just our opinion. Earlier, we mentioned opportunity costs and basic form tech is a prime example of leaving some money on the table. Those who adopt our platform find a 20%+ boost in monetization associated to the forms they would have otherwise built on their own. The basic, plug and play form not only leaves something to be desired from a user’s perspective, (load times, amount of typing required), but publishers might be missing out on other opportunities to monetize their audience. With the NetLine Publisher Platform, publishers can leverage predictive form technology that not only captures an 18-point professional profile with 60% less typing to get it, but they can leverage additional content, curated dynamically for the user, establishing a stronger brand connection.

Reporting and Evaporating the Vapor

The martech space is packed with vendors and ideologies that sell bits and pieces of lead generation philosophies. We like to posit the simplicity of democratizing lead gen – putting the control and scalability in the hands of the publishers.

In the title of this post, we said, “without investing a single penny in technology” and that’s still holding true when it comes to reporting. Publishers can leverage the Platform to generate custom reports that answer all of their clients’ questions – real-time data visualization tools render campaign performance metrics in a way that makes it simple to optimize and realign when necessary. Pivot tables allow publishers to deliver full insights into campaign performance and transparency into leads at a per user level.

Premised upon making lead gen accessible to all, and quite simply, NetLine’s Publisher Lead Generation Platform allows you to immediately build a competitive advantage with the most comprehensive content-based lead generation platform in the B2B marketplace at no cost. There’s no vapor, no searching for ROI – with extensive data and on-demand functionality, it’s a martech solution that delivers for publishers.

Nevena Nevena Jovanovic is the Marketing Manager at SIIA.