SSD Webinar | How Distributed Workforce Trends Are Changing Employee Communications

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Today the SIIA community and our member Simpplr gathered for an informational webcast on distributed workforce trends and how they are changing employee communications.

Sam Keninger, Head of Product Marketing at Simpplr discussed how the workplace has never been more distributed. Explaining how the new age of work offers many benefits, while also making it harder for employees to connect, communicate, align and stay engaged, and he shared how digital workplace technologies, including a modern incarnation of the classic intranet, are evolving to facilitate the future of work.

Sam covered a few key points

·        Trends redefining the modern workplace and implications moving forward

·        How these trends affect employee engagement and employee communications

·        How a modern intranet is evolving to create the new digital workplace


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For more information on Simpplr please visit their website.



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