A Quiz to Introduce New SIPA Annual Speakers

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With the early bird discount set to expire on Friday for SIPA Annual 2018, June 5-7 in Washington, D.C., it seems like a good time to highlight some bright and shining new speakers (denoted by *) and the sessions (underlined) they will be leading. See how many of these quiz questions you can get right. (Answers are below.)

1. Between "webinars" and "webcasts," which term is growing in common usage and which is being searched far less and less?
(Best Practices for Webinar Production: a Three-Year Longitudinal Look at What Works and What Doesn't with Matthew Cibellis, director of programming, live & virtual events, Education Week, and Hyon-Young Kim*, webinar producer, Education Week.

2. The Financial Times recently said that "our data, and data from all over the world, show that it is four to five times cheaper to..."
a. retain an existing user than to acquire a new one;
b. go after a new user and not worry about your existing ones;
c. become totally automated;
d. not attend the show Hamilton.
(Attracting, Retaining and Engaging Top Talent with Daniel Fink, managing director, Money-Media, a Financial Times company; Ben Polly*, vice president of HR, Simplify Compliance; and Jennifer Schwartz, senior vice president and group Publisher, Access Intelligence.)

3. In an interview with Greg Dool of Folio:, Investor's Business Daily president Jerry Ferrara  said that "There's a popular saying that xxxx "will eat strategy for breakfast,' and it's true. Data needs to inform everything we do, including the types of people we bring in." What is xxxx?
a. revenue;
b. retention;
c. culture.
(Pivoting Your Editorial Team to Use Data with Greg Dool*, senior editor, Access Intelligence, and Diane Schwartz, SVP & group publisher, Access Intelligence)

4. Craig Sorrell, marketing manager at Results Direct, advises the seeking out of what for podcasts, even if you're just starting out or don't have data on how many are listening in.
a. direct sponsorships;
b. celebrity hosts;
c. cash prizes;
d. a live audience.
Added Sorrell: "[You] can say, 'Hey, we're just starting out, but we have 10,000 members/[subscribers]. This is something for our members/[subscribers].'"
(Podcasting: A Guide to Getting Started with Soyini Coke*, principal, Annona Enterprises. Note – Coke has built up an excellent archive of podcasts—including ones featuring SIPA members EB Medicine and NewsRX.)

5. According to Charity Huff, CEO of January Spring, what is the most important element for a successful social media program?
a. maintaining a posting calendar;
b. building reader personas;
c. letting staff focus on what they do best;
d. having a clear strategy;
e. all of the above.
(Is Social Media the Big Black Hole in Your Marketing Program? with Charity Huff*. Adds Huff: "We see editorial staffs that are great at knocking out articles, tapping into readers' concerns, but then they're also expected to be social media experts. It doesn't work that way.")

6. Spidell Publishing ran a very successful 25% off flash sale for their webinar titled, Divorce Tax Planning, Including Tax Reform Changes. The headline in the email read: Be Prepared When Crazy 4 U Turns Into U R Crazy. What holiday did the email reference?
a. Christmas
b. Thanksgiving
c. Valentine's Day
d. a Sadie Hawkins dance
(Nine "Old-Fashioned" Marketing Tips to Double—or Even Triple—Your Website Traffic with Rick Wilkes*, director of marketing, OPIS By IHS Markit.)

7. After she wrote what word three times, Lesley Ellen Harris of Copyrightlaws.com said, "The more you can inform your customers about copyright and licensing issues, the better."
a. listen;
b. education;
c. information;
d. dilly.
(How to Successfully Launch an Online Training Program: It's Easier Than You Think with Lesley Ellen Harris, attorney, Copyrightlaws.Com)


1. "Webinar" is the more searched-for term. However, if you want to do business in China, "webcast" is the term to use.

2. a. – retain an existing user. "While we invest quite a lot right now in acquisition, we still invest much more in retention and engagement."

3. c. culture

4. a. direct sponsorships

5. e. all of the above

6. c. Valentine's Day

7. b. education



1-3 right – You have to register for SIPA Annual 2018

4-6 right – You have to register for SIPA Annual 2018 and lead a roundtable

7 right – You have to register for SIPA Annual 2018 and come to the networking dinners

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