SIIA’s TechChats: Neil Wainwright | Founder & Chief Executive Officer, UpHabit

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SIIA’s TechChats provides a look into some of the most successful executives in our industry. Hear how many of them got to where they are today, what is shaping their businesses and the industry today, and special advice they would give to others trying to grow a successful company.

I recently sat down with our SSD Board Member Neil Wainwright, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of UpHabit, which is his whopping 8th startup. His last exit was in 2016 and he just can't stop that entrepreneurial spirit -- after all, he's been doing it for almost 30 years! He has a strong passion for supporting the UpHabitants, his #1 role within the company, as well as working on the UpHabit app and company itself. A software engineer of over 30 years, by nature Neil loves delighting customers. In addition to his work at UpHabit, Neil coaches’ young entrepreneurs in order to aid the next generation of founders build their own great businesses. Neil is a Professional Engineer and holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario.

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