The Top 20 SIPAlert Daily Posts From Q1 2018

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"Unless you gain the prospect's attention early, he or she won't read any of your copy," writes Bob Bly, one of the leading copywriters in the country and the speaker for the April 18 SIPA webinar on Email Marketing: How to Increase Your ROI. "And if the prospect doesn't read your copy, he or she won't receive the persuasive message you've so carefully crafted."

Readers must now be fully aware of Bly's message because the SIPAlert Daily post—8 Ways to Grab Reader Attention Early—had the second-best open rate of any post in the first quarter of 2018. The only one higher was titled, How Knowing Your Customer Can Improve Your Bottom Line.

Here are the 20 most popular SIPAlert Daily articles from the first quarter. Hopefully, you'll see a topic or heading that intersects with something you've been doing or thinking about lately and catch up on what's trending in the specialized information community:

Here are the first 15 (click on title to go to story):

1. How Knowing Your Customer Can Improve Your Bottom Line

2. 8 Ways to Grab Reader Attention Early

3. 5 Publisher Examples of New Revenue Ideas
4. Actionable Information: Reporting For Performance From SIPA's Europe Chapter

5. Quizzes, Timelines and Brackets Can Amplify Engagement

6. Member News: Norins Offers $1 Million Prize; 5 New Members

7. Content Producers as Product Developers

8. Key Ingredients to Brewers Association's Successful Campaign

9. 10 Examples of How SIPA Members Use Video

10. March Member News

11. Crain's Detroit Business Converts Subscribers to Members

12. Developing Customer-Friendly New Products

13. How A Customer-First Culture Elevated Melcrum

14. How Vox Grew a 14,000-Member Discussion Forum in 10 Months

15. Onboarding Ideas to Implement Now


These 5 round out the Top 20:

16. 7 Publisher-Tested Ideas to Entice New Subscribers

17. Revenue Strategies from Diversified and SourceMedia

18. The Top-Read Marketing Emails

19. Elevating Your SEO

20. Successful Ideas for Getting Attendee Feedback

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