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Columbia Books & Information Services' American Paint Contractor held a contest recently to find the top contractor videos. "You've watched them, you voted for them, and now you can help us congratulate the winners of APC's Top Contractor Videos on the Web, sponsored by California Paint and Golden Artist Inc."

Talk about a win-win-win enterprise. They get excellent, topical video content, all kinds of engagement, sponsor dollars and a page on their website that can stay relevant for a while. The prizes? Winners will be able to choose $100 in product of their choice from the contest sponsors, California Paint and Golden Artist Colors Inc.

Here are five other, inventive ways to create relevant content (four from SIPA members):

1. Take video of your event. Education Week's Leaders To Learn From is a one-of-a-kind live event for leaders in every area of K-12 education. The 2018 edition takes place next week. They use a powerful 2-minute video of clips from last year to promote it on their site. "I probably learned more at Leaders To Learn From than I learn at conferences specifically for my field," says one attendee. When they first started with this video-centric approach in 2016, it helped boost year-over-year attendee revenue by 77% and live attendance by 75%. Similarly, Access Intelligence's The Social Shake-Up Conference uses a high-energy 3-minute video of last year's conference to promote its event. Apparently, their strategy has worked—only 50 seats left, according to the website.

2. Celebrate an anniversary. Celebrating company and subscriber/member milestones can engage your audience, initiate new interactions and attract new followers. SIPA will be trumpeting our 40th Annual SIPAwards next year at this time. (Meanwhile you have one week left to enter for the 39th edition! See the categories here.) Last year's successful, one-month BLR Turns 40 campaign kicked off with an overview that included a short history video and information on upcoming tie-ins: an I Love My Co-worker social contest; 40 Days of BLR Trivia; BLR store discounts (a 20% off coupon was sent out); and a charity element to the campaign.

3. Put together a who's who in the industry or a 35 under 35 or a similar grouping. Collection Advisor's March/April 2018 issue features a beautifully done cover of Who's Who in Compliance 2018. There are 17 professionally done photos on the cover. Inside, a three-page spread features the individuals and their quotes answering a specific question. (The article continues online.) Angie Rose, publisher of Abide Media, told me in the past that they try to "put faces to the [accounting and collection] profession." They also do the 25 Most Influential Women in Collections, and their CPA Magazine has featured CPA all-stars.

4. Introduce your own staff. It's always nicer to deal with people you know and trust. I'm a big fan of company staff photos; Money-Media's Meet the Team page deftly humanizes the staff, especially given their financial nature. Going one step further on their blog, QCSS introduces Benji from their customer call center in a late January post. "This call center is family owned," he says. "They're very nice. They love their employees. And I really like working here." You can also meet their terrific CEO, Catherine Karabetsos, in another video segment, where she sits at her desk and answers good-advice questions.

5. Come up with a quiz. If you have a special report or white paper to sell, a quiz is a good way to get people interested in it. The Pew Research Center did that with cybersecurity. "Test your knowledge on cybersecurity topics and terms by taking our 10-question quiz... When you finish, you will be able to compare your scores with the average American and see explanations for the terms and topics in each question. The analysis of the findings from the poll can be found in the full report, What the Public Knows About Cybersecurity."

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