Connectiv Welcomes 18 New Members

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Connectiv, the association for business media and information companies, has added 14 new members since September, including:

B2B Media Companies

Autonomous Media - Inside Unmanned Systems provides actionable business intelligence to decision-makers and influencers operating within the global UAS community. Features include analysis of key technologies, policy/regulatory developments and new product design.

Brief Media - a media company that services veterinary professionals, both domestic and global, via multiple touch points and across all devices.  

Smart Energy Decisions - the first web-based information resource dedicated exclusively to addressing the information needs of commercial and industrial electric power customers. 

Thomas Publishing – Thomas believes in the power of industry and are uniquely capable in helping to fuel its success. For 120 years they have served the needs of B2B buyers.

Xtelligent Media –  The leading healthcare B2B media company using data to deliver relevant content to readers and ROI to over 150 advertisers.

Industry Partners

Blueconic –  the world’s simplest and most accessible customer data platform, built for marketers to harness the data required to power the recognition of an individual at each interaction, and then synchronize their intent across the marketing ecosystem.  

Business Transformations - Advise C-Level clients regarding untapped opportunity, market expansion, new product evaluation, digital transformation, positioning, pricing, promotion, and distribution strategy to drive revenue, organizational growth, and market share. Specialize in information services, data & analytics, and SaaS. 

CIT - Provides lending, leasing and treasury management services to small and middle markets. 

Decision Counsel - We like working on the difficult stuff. Solving big problems, designing cool experiences, and producing great content. Collaboration is essential and when hijinx ensue — oh, and they do — it’s all about getting you real results.

East Wind Advisors - an independent, industry-focused investment banking firm providing bulge-bracket quality advisory services to companies across the corporate lifecycle and financial sponsors. Senior-level attention, seasoned judgment and relentless pursuit of our clients' objectives are hallmarks of our firm.

Lester - Offers data-as-service solutions that help overcome the key hurdles blocking performance of B2B marketing.

Leverage Lab - provides corporate consulting, strategic planning and corporate leadership training. 

Netline – We believe in the power of content and its ability to do more than drive traffic and awareness. As a performance-based lead generation solution we leave nothing to chance. 

OnQ - The onQ solution brings video to life, turning traditional static viewing into an energized, interactive group experience, supported by deep behavioral insights that facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications, learning… and measurable outcomes. 

Roosevelt Paper - Founded over 84 years ago in a modest warehouse in Philadelphia, Pa, Roosevelt Paper has expanded its physical facilities as well as its business scope and now serves a global network of customers from its modern, highly-efficient plants.

Square Stack - Helps business owners understand how to integrate their many different tools into a value-driven program. 

W.B. Grimes - M&A advisory service representing B2B and B2C media. 

Wysdom.AI Founded in 2012, Wysdom is the world’s leading cognitive care solution. We are the one AI solution behind all support channels.

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