The Top Viewed SIPAlert Daily Articles From Q3

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We're all very busy, and beneficial information is easy to miss. So as we enter the last quarter of 2017, we are providing you with the 15 most popular SIPAlert Daily articles from the third quarter.

Hopefully, you'll see a topic or heading that intersects with something you've been doing or thinking about lately and catch up on what's trending in the specialized information community.

These will be an exciting three final months of the year for SIPA with the Best Practices Conference on Website Optimization in Atlanta, Oct. 19 (webcast available!), and our Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), Nov. 13-15, in Fort Lauderdale.

Here are the top 15 SIPAlert Daily articles of Q3:

  1. Launching a Successful Podcast
  2. Member News - FDAnews joins WIRB-Copernicus Group
  3. 11 Ways to Align Editorial Strategy With Sales and Marketing
  4. Proven Re-engagement Strategies
  5. Tiers, Paywalls and Social Media Can Lead Readers to Pay for Content
  6. Finding Success in Our Short Attention-Span World
  7. 3 Publisher Examples of the Data-to-Revenue Path
  8. Go Live and Long Are Two Takeaways From a New Report on Video
  9. Member Profile: Money-Media's Managing Director Dan Fink Shares Priorities
  10. As e-Commerce Rises, Digital Savvy and Security Become Prime Goals
  11. EB Medicine Shows Value of Taking on New Challenges in Your Niche
  12. The Atlantic Finds What Readers Will Pay More for
  13. New Research Lauds Roundtables, Asking Questions and Newsletters
  14. Lessons From OPIS' SIPAward Winning Event Marketing Campaign
  15. Innovative News Site Builds Community With Song

    These five round out the top 20 for Q3:
  16. Focus on Services, Reviews, Video and Sponsors to Align With 2017 Trends
  17. 7 Examples of Engagement-Lifting Quizzes
  18. Top 15 Articles of Q2 2017
  19. A Profitable Event Marketing Blueprint From Informa
  20. 6 Business Books for Your End of Summer Reading

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