Yogi, Yellow or Yoast - a Quiz to Test Your Niche Publishing Knowledge

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What better way to test your publishing knowledge than a quiz involving sessions and speakers from our next two big events: the Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), Nov. 13-15, in Fort Lauderdale, and the Best Practices Conference on Website Optimization: Increase Your Traffic, Customer Engagement and Sales in Atlanta, Oct. 19. Good luck!

1. A survey this week asked publishers, "What is the single most important risk to a news organization's future success?" The most common answer was a "reluctance to innovate." Elizabeth Petersen, chief people and strategy officer of Simplify Compliance and SIPA's 2017 Volunteer of the Year, believes that "one of the biggest barriers to innovation is fear of failure. The information industry is changing so rapidly and there are so many unknowns." She said the keys "to developing a humming new product development engine is to be comfortable with risk" and...

a. move to California
b. add more staff
c. set measurable (and transparent) benchmarks for product success
d. watch Shark Tank

Petersen will be part of a panel with Victoria Mellor, CEO and co-founder, Novatum Group, and Jim Sinkinson, partner, Fired Up Marketing, for the session, Bringing Customers Into Your Marketing, Fulfillment & Product Development. 

2. On the SIPA Forum last week, Sinkinson asked what useful website utilities, widgets or techniques people have used. He mentioned Shopify and Attention Wizard. Suggestions included Canva.com, Yoast SEO, Yogi Convertme, Yellow Pencil, Cornerstone, Ninja Forms and Uptime Monitor. Which one of those did I just make up?

Sinkinson's session—Website Widgets, Apps and Techniques for Supercharging Conversions and Sales—will take place in Atlanta. (A webcast can be purchased!)

Greg Krehbiel of Kiplinger will lead a similar session at BIMS titled Revolutionary New Tools for Tracking Website Visitors and Turning Them into Customers. (Krehbiel will also present in Atlanta on Disruptive Website Strategy.)

3. Complete the thought from Paul Gerbino, president, Triumvirate Content Consultants: As a content licenser, you're starting to look at your content differently: For a webinar, can you decouple your audio from your video and have text transcripts made from that audio? If you have a book...

a. can you write a sequel?
b. can you sell it at a book fair?
c. can you extract single chapters?
d. can you give autographs? 

At BIMS, Gerbino will be leading a Pre-Conference workshop titled Understanding Content as Revenue Generator Beyond Core Products

4. Tony Uphoff, president and CEO, Thomas Publishing, proved to be right on a couple years ago when he said that audiences were going from wanting to know about something to wanting to know how to do something. The New York Times needed a big, fancy report two years later to write, "We expect that the bigger opportunities are in providing guidance rather than traditional features." Another of Uphoff's predictions was that we would go from linking to...

a. sharing
b. winking
c. sinking
d. driver-less cars 

Uphoff will be part of a panel for the session, Where B2B Is Going (and What It Will Take to Get There) with Ethan Eisner, VP and managing director global commercial markets, ReedTech, Scott Mozarsky, president, legal division, Bloomberg BNA and moderator Tom Kemp, chairman and CEO, Northstar Travel Media.

5. In a recent SIPA member profile, Dan Fink, managing director for Money-Media, said that his tech team has "certainly gotten bigger, as their role has grown in the world of publishing." He also said that they have what other kind of team in place that works with all areas of the business.

a. energy-saving
b. blogging
c. data
d. extra curricular sports 

At BIMS, Fink will present a session titled, How to Optimize Your CRM to Drive Customized Campaigns that Excel.

6. Which one of these, according to Lantern's Amanda MacArthur, is NOT one of the top three consistent factors that Google takes into account for its rankings:

a. organic, contextual inbound links from other sources (like those you can get from guest blogging on a reputable site);
b. the click rate on articles when they do rank an article (which can be improved by writing better, more clickable headlines);
c. the quality of your content (ask yourself – would I share this? Is this so good that someone will want to read to the end?)
d. the day of the week it's posted (Google rewards mid-week posts more than weekend ones).

At BIMS, Bethany Chambers, director of audience engagement, North Coast Media, and Ed Coburn, president, Coburn Media, will present Crafting Killer Content That Gets Shared. Coburn will also present in Atlanta.

7. When it comes to re-engaging lapsed members/subscribers, one study said, "Don't delete your lapsed subscribers if you don't get an immediate response. Studies show that only about 24% of those lapsed subscribers will open your initial re-engagement email, but XX% will read subsequent ones.

a. 25%
b. 30%
c. 45%
d. 60% 

At BIMS, Melissa Johnson, director, marketing automation strategy, Informa Engage, will present a session titled Re-Engagement Campaigns: How to Reconnect with Current Customers and Reactivate Your Next One. She will also present in Atlanta.

Answers: 1c; 2Yogi Convertme; 3c; 4a; 5c; 6d; 7c

1-3 correct – register for BIMS
4-6 correct – register for BIMS
7 correct – come speak at BIMS

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