DecisionHealth Highlights Benefits to Win New Members and a SIPAward

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Simplify Compliance's DecisionHealth, part of its H3.Group—formed in March 2017 upon its merger with existing brands HCPro and HealthLeaders Media—does a lot of things right on its webpage marketing its new Home Health Coding Center Expert and OASIS Guidance.

There's gamification in the form of a "How much will productivity increase" chart. (I played twice so far.) Three pricing options are presented to join; each has a host of bullets and a colorful "Get Started Now" button. And the copy is clean and clear, and talks benefits—the only tool your coding & OASIS staff needs—and "reimbursements."

So it's no surprise that DecisionHealth—and specifically Home Health Coding Center Marketing Manager Kara Ferguson—won the prestigious 2017 Margie Weiner Award for Best Marketing Campaign of the Year with an entry titled, Coding Center Expert Becomes the Star Performer in 2016 (and Delivers Million Dollar Return).

"The team faced an interesting challenge," DecisionHealth wrote in its entry. "Decision makers in home health agencies are price-sensitive and slower to adapt new technology. So they knew they needed to create a compelling promotional plan and campaign that would highlight the features and benefits of Coding Center Expert to attract a growing prospect base of the end users, establishing an army of influencers who could help sway the decision makers and partner with sales reps to win product placement."

The gamification box at the top of the webpage stands out. It asks, "How many coders are at your agency?" I put in 5. Then "How many charts does each of them complete each week?" I tried 2. (I assumed they wear many hats.) I clicked "See Your Results." It said:

Your agency could be completing
5 more charts per week,
meaning you'd recognize an additional
$14,995 faster. 

That's language I understand. A large graphic highlights a section that explains "how your Coding & OASIS teams can improve accuracy and productivity." The access point options follow:

  1. Standard Access
  2. Professional Access
  3. Expert Access (marked "Most Popular")

Obviously they want people to join Expert Access. This reminded me of something that Pro Farmer does successfully on its site, offering a Classic, Preferred ("Most Popular") and VIP Membership Package.

"Options help in making a purchase decision," consultant Nancy Harhut has told us. "With one option we may not be quite sure—2, 3 or 4 options are best; 5 or more are a bit much and could give analysis paralysis."

You can get a free demo on the Coding Center site. "Ready to get started? Your journey to improved productivity & coding accuracy begins with the Home Health Coding Center. Join us for a home health or hospice demo to see how the Coding Center will meet your needs."

Social media plays into their strategy. A Facebook post recently marketed the Demo: "Calling all home health clinicians! There is a new app in town. And we made it for you." A picture of their OASIS On-The-Go App accompanies it. Their Twitter page includes engaging photos--including information for providers affected by the hurricane.

They've also added a new Ezine with multiple posts each month—offering valuable content—and a box making it easy to subscribe. "Join the Community. Get Connected. Stay Informed." It's content marketing at its finest.

Congratulations to all who worked on this campaign.

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