A New Event or Product Can Be Further Enhanced by a Creative Name

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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;"

If Juliet were asking that question today, she might want to see the analytics and data first. Perhaps top-performing people aren’t named Romeo anymore, and she might think twice about her future plans. She might survey customers—digitally and maybe even in print if it's at a Shakespeare conference—offering a choice of their favorite names. And she might want to get some data on roses. They do have thorns, and another flower may mean more sales.

New products. New events. New podcasts. We create something new and have to call it something. Usually it's pretty middle of the highway. But occasionally, there's some creativity and risk-taking. Here are seven interesting choices that I’ve seen in B2B and the outside:

Learnapalooza. This is an all new event from Association Trends, a division of SIPA member Columbia Books & Information Services. “Let's face it, association training and education programs are evolving...FAST. If your own programs don't align with members' new expectations, you're at a disadvantage in growing your membership base- and revenue. Which is why we created Learnapalooza!” It conveys learning and fun, and a lot of excitement.

Esca Bona… is a conference created by Informa's New Hope Network to fill a void in the Natural Foods Conference segment. It means good food in Latin. They went all in and now it’s even an adjective—"Esca Bonacentric education (i.e. food accessibility, urban farming, and food tech) was integrated into other New Hope conferences throughout the year.” (A SIPA webinar on the conference’s success took place last week. Click here to watch a recording.)

Strawless in Seattle. The city of Seattle recently approved a ban on plastic straws that will take effect next year. It will get a practice run next month as part of the Lonely Whale Foundation’s “Strawless in Seattle” campaign. Yes, the tie-in with the famous film is obvious. But still, give them credit for going with it. Any famous movie titles work with your new products?

The Big Idea. The Harvard Business Review launched “The Big Idea,” a digital series running six times per year—in the off-months between each print issue—consisting of articles and features focused around one topic (recent examples include generosity burnout, corporate inequality, and AI). From Folio: “Part of the idea behind The Big Idea was the recognition that HBR’s best customers are those that engage with both print and digital content.”

Endless Coffee Cup Podcast with Matt Bailey. In the latest episode, Matt welcomes Kim Krause-Berg, a long time industry friend and colleague. As Kim and Matt agree, the simplest changes to a website can make the biggest impact in your business. Of course, it is all about knowing which changes to make. They discuss multiple factors that both inhibit visitors from a successful visit, and the factors that increase your effectiveness. You may be surprised at some of the simplest things you can do to improve your business online.

Gather Geeks Podcast by BizBash. Welcome to GatherGeeks, a place where people passionate about the power of live experiences come together. Join David Adler, CEO of BizBash, and Beth Kormanik, executive editor of BizBash, as they discuss the latest news and trends affecting event marketers, meeting strategists, nonprofit organizers, and everyone in between.

Smashing Conference in Freiburg, Germany. Their mission is to explore real-life web design problems and techniques that are relevant and applicable to your work straight away. A single track with 12 speakers will bring you a focused, well-curated learning experience, and an intimate environment of just 260 attendees will ensure a friendly atmosphere! What a smashing idea!

Know any other good names? Let me know.

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