The CODiE Team Building Experience and Beyond

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We are grateful to SIIA for providing the opportunity to take part in the annual CODiE Awards Program for Best-in-Class business technology.

As a three-time winner for our CodeMeter software protection, licensing and security technology since our first nomination in 2005, the top recognition in a peer-review awards program like the CODiE’s brings enormous value to our company on several fronts.

First, the CODiE awards program serves as a great team building experience for us internally. Preparation for the presentation and product demonstration brings our sales and development teams together in a cooperative effort to best showcase the strengths and benefits of our technology. The collective effort serves as a reminder of how we can leverage the knowledge of the individual into the power of a team. Beyond the participants in the presentation to the judges, winning the award makes a significant impact on our entire company. Our employees worldwide gain a tremendous sense of pride in their accomplishment and peer-recognition of their role in the development of technology that brings value to so many people. We find that it is a great morale building exercise, and in those years that we don’t win, a motivator for improvement.

For our customers, the CODiE award validates their decision to partner with us and select our technology. One of our core values is to cultivate close relationships with our customers and work with them much like we would with a development partner. We encourage their feedback and act upon many of their suggestions geared towards improving our technology and products which is a benefit for all. Winning an award like the CODiE gives them a sense of pride in ownership as well.

Finally, a CODiE award helps us open the door to developers who otherwise may not have taken that extra step forward to talk with us and evaluate our technology. We proudly display the CODiE award logo on our website, in our literature, and in virtually all of our outbound communication vehicles. In a competitive marketplace, the award gives us tremendous visibility and leverage over others offering similar technology.

We look forward to the nomination of our CodeMeter solutions in next year’s CODiE award program.