Engagement Ideas with a (Johnny B.) Goode Twist

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I had a roommate when I was about 24 who cherished everything that Chuck Berry did. (I think he had Maybellene pajamas.) Kirk, if you're out there, this column's for you. Berry passed away last week after an amazing rock and roll career. Here are some of his best song titles to introduce more highlights from the websites of SIPA and Connectiv member companies.

1. Let it Rock. Access Intelligence's PR News hosted their Spring Awards Luncheon yesterday at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of communications and PR professionals gathered to celebrate the top campaigns in the CSR and nonprofit sectors. A day later they have posted a slew of wonderful pictures on their Facebook page from the event.

This accomplishes a couple things—it lets those in the pictures share them with others; and it makes those who weren't there wish they were and vow to attend next year.

2. Stop and Listen. The International Risk Management Institute has an excellent video on its homepage titled, "Not Sure What IRMI Does? Watch This Video to Find Out." In the right column, it says:

How We Can Help You...

  1. Find answers to questions—fast!
  2. Keep your insurance license current for less.
  3. Obtain a professional insurance certification.
  4. Build a network with your peers.

"You might have heard about IRMI, but you might not be sure what we do," the video begins. It's a wonderful primer for anyone new to the group. At two-and-a-half minutes long, it feels like a perfect length.

3. I'm Talking About You. Consulting Magazine, from ALM—a Connectiv member—features a poll where you have to vote to see the tally. "How would you describe your firm's business outlook for 2017?" they ask. The two leaders are Very Good with 42% and Cautiously Optimistic with 33%. (Next is Bleak with 15%.) I think it's called EasyPolls.

Their homepage also has a big ad for their 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession – 35 under 35. This has become a popular thing in the B2B industry. We have our Emerging Leaders for our BIMS Conference. I've written about Cynopsis Media's Rising Stars and how well they do with the entries and dinner.

The cover of Abide Media's September/October Collection Advisor magazine featured their 25 Most Influential Women in Collections. This is also a great idea, and the cover is designed beautifully! Angie Rose, publisher of Abide Media, said that they try to "put faces to the [accounting and collection] profession." Their CPA Magazine has also featured CPA all-stars—like baseball trading cards.

4. You Can Never Tell...until you ask, so interview your reporters. Another Connectiv member, Crain Communications, publishes an engaging series of Q&As titled How I Got the Story. It's a real, behind-the-scenes look at top-rate B2B reporting.

Last month, they featured a Q&A with Chris Battaglia, VP and group publisher of Pensions & Investments, on Building a Global Brand at Pensions & Investments. Because the money management industry is global, Battaglia has worked to foster international relationships and provide exposure to the Crain brand in unique ways. Crain sat down with him to discuss his role. This is a good way to develop your editorial people's personas. Maybe next they can moderate a webinar or speak at an event and acquire a following.

5. No Particular Place to Go. I love quality blogs that get updated regularly, so I enjoy the one from QCSS, my go-to for telemarketing questions. They had a very thoughtful post the other day about The Cost of Doing Nothing:

Later in the day, after reading the article [about a woman who thinks she's putting more work into her future than she is], our Executive Vice President, Christina Karabetsos, was heard in the office saying, "It's the cost of doing nothing." Although she may not have read the article, the comment fit into the equation perfectly.

A lot of people are sitting in the office thinking that they are doing absolutely everything in their power to succeed. They're wrong and as Seth Godin puts it, "The cost of being wrong is less than the cost of doing nothing."

Karabetsos will be leading a session titled, Unexpected Things I Learned from Telemarketing, at SIPA 2017: Growth Now, June 4-6 in Washington, D.C. She is a dynamic speaker and if you have questions for her after, she will have no particular place to go until she answers them.

6. Sweet Little Sixteen. And lastly, check out the 16 Ways a Publisher Successfully Retooled Its Customer Focus, an article I did from a talk by Brittany Carter, vice president of Columbia Books & Information Services. It was a great talk and the only way I knew to get that title in.

No such luck with  Roll Over Beethoven, Johnny B. Goode and Memphis, Tennessee. Rest in peace, Chuck. 

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