SIIA New Member Interview: Mintigo

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The SIIA is delighted to introduce one of the newest members to join SIIA’s Software & Services Division, Mintigo. I had a chance to sit down with the CMO, John Bara, to learn a little more about artificial intelligence and predictive analytics in relation to sales and marketing. Please find my interview below.

Rhianna: Tell us about Mintigo’s mission and what makes you unique.

John: Mintigo’s mission is to use math and science to improve the sales and marketing process. In practical terms, this means utilizing AI and predictive analytics to automatically analyze massive amount of data on the web and within our customer’s systems to spot signals and significant trends and help find buyers faster.

Rhianna: You have described the concept of ‘AI for Sales’. What do you mean by that and how can this approach give sales a competitive advantage?  

John: AI for Sales  means we use machines to automate much of the research and targeting work done by top sales people today.  With more time to sell, sales teams are more effective and ramp faster. Since it is a force multiplier on sales productivity and win rates, it generates an almost “unfair” competitive advantage relative to the people you are selling against who do not have these capabilities. It's like having radar when the enemy has none.

Rhianna: What type of affect can artificial intelligence have on PR and what are some of the positive and negative implications?  

John: AI can have an impact on any market, including PR.  In this case, AI can help identify the attributes and intents of a readership, and better match content and ads to the readership.  This is done at high scale in an automated fashion. 

Rhianna: One of your recent blogs suggested predictive analytic tools are the answer to creating love between sales and marketing. How do you see these tools bringing these two departments closer?  

John: AI and predictive analytics help close the gap between sales and marketing by answering the question “Why” would a prospect buy at a very detailed level.  Marketing can help sales win more than their fair share of deals by using the actionable intelligence generated by predictive marketing.

Rhianna Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware.