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Welcome New Members

We are excited to welcome the following new members to the SIPA community:

In Memoriam: William E. Donoghue

William E. Donoghue, 75, of Seattle, died Jan. 16 in Healdsburg, Calif. He was a respected author and investment expert best known for the growth of money market mutual funds, of which he raised awareness through newsletters, investment conferences, books and television appearances.

"Bill was a memorable figure from the early years of what came to be called the Newsletter Publishers Association," Sid Goldstein, editor of Transit Access Report for Letter Publications, Inc., wrote me in an email this week. "Back then, publishers were largely divided between, on the one hand, journalists who had latched onto a particular topic and, on the other hand, experts in particular fields who embraced subscription newsletters as their medium. Donoghue was in the latter group; he was the guru of money market mutual funds."

A graduate of Lehigh University, Donoghue quickly became a leading expert on cash management, chairing financial management seminars and serving as editor of Donoghue's MoneyLetter. The periodical came out during a time of unusually high interest rates. In the 1980s, Donoghue was the leading analyst and monitor of the budding money market mutual fund industry. Along with MoneyLetter, he founded "Donoghue's Money Fund Average," a rating system for these interest-sensitive Investment vehicles. In 1981, he authored William E. Donoghue's Complete Money Market Guide (Harper & Row), which reached #3 on The New York Times best seller list.

A quick look through the SIPA archives this morning uncovered a 1985 silver Newsletter Journalism Award—what's now the SIPAwards—for Donoghue's Moneyletter. Earlier in the year, an Editor's Note in the newsletter announcing the publishing of his book, William E. Donoghue's Guide to Finding Money to Invest, says this: "Bill tells Hotline he's appeared on more radio and TV talk shows than he could possibly remember and that he has 'followed everything from discussions of cancer operations to Morgan Fairchild.'"

Tarsus Group appoints RD Whitney

Tarsus Group plc, the international B2B media group, has announced the appointment of RD Whitney as executive vice president of business development Tarsus Americas. He began on Feb. 1.

Whitney was previously group vice president at Diversified Communications overseeing a growing portfolio of business communities and events. Prior to Diversified, and in just 27 months as a partner at Greenhaven Partners, he transformed former BNA (now Bloomberg) publishing assets into a thriving professional business community (IOFM) which was acquired by Diversified in April 2013.

Whitney served nine years in leadership roles at Kennedy Information. As VP and general manager, he was a key player in helping investors transform the company into a rapidly growing, diverse media platform that resulted in a sale to BNA for $47 million (a 30x ROI for investors in 4 years).

Douglas Emslie, group managing director of Tarsus, commented: "...RD's proven track record in the events industry will help us to accelerate our growth in the U.S. I am sure he will play a key role as we continue to implement the group's 'Quickening the Pace' strategy."

Garcia joins Global IntelliSystems

John Brogan, founder and CEO of Global IntelliSystems (GIS), has announced the appointment of Hank Garcia (pictured) as executive vice president of worldwide sales for its email/SMS marketing and analytics services.

GIS specializes in providing an all-inclusive email marketing service for high volume mailers in the B2B and B2C magazine and newsletter publishing industry and membership associations. Prior to joining GIS, Garcia was EVP at ARGI for 30 years and spent his entire professional business career proudly providing database/list management and marketing services to the industry.

SIPA connections make the 50 Fastest Growing Shows!

Congratulations to Access Intelligence's OR Manager Conference and Diversified Communications' Pri-Med Midwest for being named to the 50 Fastest Growing Shows (in terms of) Net Square Feet of Exhibit Space, in a new list just published by Trade Show Executive.

Also included on the list are the spring and fall Marijuana Business Conference & Expo for Marijuana Business Daily, a division of Anne Holland Ventures Inc. Anne Holland and her co-founder and president, Cassandra Farrington, will keynote SIPA 2017, Growth Now, June 5-7 in Washington, D.C.

CadmiumCD launches new training

CadmiumCD has launched a new training program for their clients. It has recorded videos, a user guide, a glossary of terms, and recordings of their monthly users group. The Maryland-based company focuses on creating online services that save time and are easy to use for event planners and attendees.

"Beyond the normal stuff, it's a 'gamified' experience," Michael Doane, brand manager, wrote me this week. "Users gain different experience levels as they do training, which opens up different features and perks within the system for them as they progress. Higher level users also get priority access to CadmiumCD staff and support because, if they've gone through all the training, we know they're asking a question that we haven't answered in our users guide or training videos. This, at the end of the day, is really a way to hold everyone accountable (ourselves and clients) and deliver a product that users will be able to get the most out of." 

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