High Value Placements and Rich Media Ads, Led By Mobile and Video, Soar in B2B in 2016

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While advertisers in many B2B categories appeared to consolidate the number of B2B media sites they advertised on in 2016, several verticals saw advertisers buying more high value placements and more rich media advertising, according to the MediaRadar Digital Placement Score report (click on the chart for a larger view).

The MediaRadar Digital Placement Score is a composite tally that weights advertising across multiple digital media formats to determine the size of an advertising investment. MediaRadar uses a weighted algorithm to account for site size (unique daily visitors), positioning, campaign duration, frequency and type of ad unit to estimate the size of a campaign.

While three B2B media categories (Conferences/Events, Veterinary Medical/Pharmaceutical, Childcare) saw more brands advertise in digital media in 2016 and one category (Pets) was flat, 22 categories saw fewer brands advertise last year.

However, 13 categories saw an increase in placement scores, which indicates a shift to higher CPM advertising in the digital space, according to MediaRadar. Mobile advertising placements soared in 2016, up 92 percent, while video advertising rose 65 percent and native placements increased 34 percent across the B2B space.

The Conferences/Events category saw its placement score jump a whopping 110 percent in 2016 over 2015. Placement scores for Technology rose 54 percent in 2016 as advertisers sought more high profile placements as well as more high value ads, despite a 7 percent drop in the number of brands advertising in that category. The Direct Response category saw a 52 percent increase in placement scores, while Cigarettes & Tobacco jumped 50 percent in placement scores. On the flip side, placements scores for Childcare dropped 66 percent (despite being one of three categories to see the number of advertisers increase in 2016) and Medical/Pharmaceutical fell 43 percent.    

The report could be good news for B2B publishers frustrated by being able to deliver on rich media ads and high value placements, but struggling to get advertisers to realize the benefits.

Matt Matt Kinsman is vice president of content + programming at Connectiv, the only association focused on the integrated b-to-b model—including publications, events, digital media, marketing services and business information. Prior to joining Connectiv's predecessor American Business Media in 2011, Kinsman was executive editor of Folio:, the leading information provider for the magazine industry.