How to Win a CODiE Award – The key to an exceptional demo

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The CODiE Award demo can make or break your path to a CODiE Award victory. Your first round CODiE review accounts for 80% of the overall CODiE award score, so it is important to put your best foot forward. Below are a few tips and tricks from judges that could help you get ahead of the game.  

  • Address the Underlying MagicThis is your time to shine. Demonstrate what sets you apart from others and show the judges your secret sauce. As you demo your product, be sure you cover all of the judging criteria, and check-in with your judge as you continue through your product demo.   
  • Tell a Story—Try to steer clear of presenting your product as a "product training" but rather tell an award winning story. Our judges want to be wowed! 
  • Present the Problem and the Opportunity of your Product—What does your product do? What problem do you solve? Why does it matter? 
  • Introduce What's NewTouch on NEW features you have incorporated since previous year entries. Be sure to address why these new features are important. 
  • Present your Pricing Structure—You may be wondering why? Your business model is one of the many pieces of the puzzle that’s vital to your product. This allows for your judge to view your product full circle.   

BONUS: Here are 2 examples of demos that judges identified as exceptional, and tips from each of the winners on how they prepared for their presentations: 


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