Leaked Diary Entries Show Typical Day of a Marketer

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With the election over, WikiLeaks has been looking for more stuff to uncover. Amazingly, this week they happened on a secretive Diary of a Director of Marketing for a B2B Publisher. Here are the entries for what's said to be a "typical day in the life." We publish this for the greater good.

4:57 a.m. ET - Text comes in from London office that the speaker for today's luncheon has called in sick. Forgot we had a luncheon, or a London office. Cancel 5 a.m. zumba class.

5:44 - My publisher just called with changes to the 20%-off promotion—that went out yesterday! Oh well. Assured her they will all be made.

7:36 - The file that's supposed to be in Dropbox every morning isn't there. Call IT.

9:03 - We're doing a price test for a new product, so I need to split the database and make sure every subsequent effort gets the same offer, and I need to suppress each mailing against the continually changing lists of actives from three sources. Has to be done before 9:15 daily, company-wide meeting.

9:41 - I know that revenue has gone up since we started having these meetings. But they do tend to drag a bit. "Can we sit down now?"

10:05 - Somebody got into the Excel reports the boss uses and messed them up. I've got to figure out what went wrong before 10:15 executive video conference call.

11:23 - It's a text from London again. The lunch exceeded expectations. Love the London office.

11:54 - I need to adjust the specs on a process I run on a system that I don't use often enough to know well. So I must re-climb the learning curve, create a new password and call IT. Adjustment needs to be done before noon marketing department lunch.

12:41 p.m. - Accounting (or editorial, or sales, or ...) doesn't understand why I can't "just" make a "simple" operational change that affects about 45 other processes.  

1:37 - Getting ready for our 2 p.m. webinar. Hope the speaker's connection is better than the one in rehearsal yesterday. Hope the speaker is better than the one in rehearsal yesterday.

2:11 - Had to leave webinar for a conference call. Someone put us on hold instead of mute and now Rick Astley's Together Forever is playing non-stop. Song brings back interesting memories.

3:01 - I have to talk "a longtime subscriber" through a very simple technological process he doesn't understand. I'm a bit worried given that today is the start of our remaining conversion of print people to digital.

3:17 - I need to make one piece of content open access on a site that requires a log-in. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe... Must hurry so I can attend 3:20 Newly-Installed-Innovation-Team roundtable.

3:33 - No word about Dropbox. Hope they haven't gone the way of Vine, Blackberry and New Coke. I'll check my tablet—I think it's under today's lunch. Call IT.

4:04 - A technology update has rendered all our webinar CDs unusable. Is this a bad dream? Late for monthly Treat-IT-Team-Better meeting.

4:29 - Time to pull the trigger on payments for a new publication, but the back-end isn't set up yet. Ten or 12 work-arounds might solve it, if I do them in the right order. Must... choose... right! Need... more... power. (Sorry, watched a Star Trek movie last night.)

4:57 - Our social media hour is about to start. Wait, I think I told everyone we would just do a half hour from now on. Every other week. In odd-numbered months.

6:59 - Made sure my 8-year-old son completed his 3D turkey project while I was talking to my CEO and texting with the CFO. Who says we're not good multi-taskers?

8:43 – Must complete a double opt-in final prep for a white paper that has to be finished by midnight, when my internet provider changes. Hashtag Cinderella.

10:57 – Checking email before bed. The first customer feedback on our new product is in. They like the effort but recommend some "minor" tweaks that will require a complete overhaul. Set the alarm for 4:30.

(Thanks to Greg Krehbiel of Kiplinger for "uncovering" some of the entries and sportswriter Norman Chad for the idea.)

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