SIIA New Member Interview: Mindlin and Tigerman

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The SIIA is delighted to introduce one of the newest members to join SIIA’s Software & Services Division, Mindlin and Tigerman. I had a chance to sit down with Charles Mindlin, President of Mindlin and Tigerman to learn a little more about their firm. Please find my interview below.

Rhianna: Tell us about Mindlin and Tigerman and what makes you unique.

Charles: At Mindlin & Tigerman, we have been practicing general business transactions law for several decades, and all the while representing computer and technology companies.  The practice has trended with the times so that we now represent software developers, compiler writers, and internet businesses. 

Rhianna: How do the Greenberg & Bass firm and the Mindlin & Tigerman firm serve clients in conjunction with one another?

Charles: We are “Of Counsel” to the firm of Greenberg & Bass.  The relationship is based on friendship and mutual respect.  They do not do what we do.  And we do not do what they do, which is litigation, creditors’ rights, and big-case real estate transactions.  We refer clients back and forth.

Rhianna: What are your favorite types of clients to represent today?

Charles: Since 1989 we have been an arbitrator/mediator primarily associated with the American Arbitration Association.  Also on our website there is a summary of “typical cases” --- all of our cases are technology-related and pertain to controversies or disputes between user and vendor. 

One favorite new client is a technology company “in formation”.  We help by assisting the technology entrepreneur or team --- together with the marketing person and the investor ---  to structure their relationship.  Since the firm is a small one, we tend to represent smaller companies.  

Rhianna Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware.