PaperClip Communications Expands With Purchase of the Parent Institute

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After 20+ years in the higher education field, PaperClip Communications is now ready to tackle the needs of K-12 parents. 

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Little Falls, New Jersey, PaperClip Communications is known for providing quality online and printed resources for higher education administrators at over 3,500 colleges and universities around the globe, primarily in North America.

PaperClip Communications, under the leadership and guidance of Founder Andy McLaughlin, expanded its reach into the kindergarten through high school landscape this August when the company purchased The Parent Institute, located in Fairfax, Virginia.

The Parent Institute was founded in 1989 and operated by John Wherry and his wife, Ardyss Wherry. The firm’s mission is to encourage parental involvement in the education of their children. The Parent Institute publishes a variety of materials that include newsletters, booklets, audio CDs, videos and brochures, serving the kindergarten through high school education fields. “We are delighted to have found such an ideal buyer,” said Parent Institute president, John Wherry. “We are very pleased.”

“John and Ardyss Wherry have been terrific entrepreneurs and operators who built a successful education company with magnificent core values in the world of education,” said McLaughlin.

The Parent Institute was assisted in preparing for its sale by Hoart | Beckerman Consulting.

“We at PaperClip Communications have tremendous respect for the product and the mission of The Parent Institute and we look forward to carrying on its history of editorial excellence in the K through 12 system,” McLaughlin said. “With the acquisition of The Parent Institute, we have gained a broad reach into the K through 12 universe, and beyond.”

PaperClip Communications provides colleges and universities with webinars, newsletters, brochures, training kits, binders, seminars and other information resources focusing on important, groundbreaking topics. These include compliance issues, diversity, sexual assault prevention & awareness, residence life, orientation, safety, parent issues, student leadership, health and wellness, sustainability, student veterans and more.  

PaperClip Communications is owned and operated by Andy McLaughlin and his wife, Doris McLaughlin.


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