Connectiv Partners With Academy of Digital Media to Offer Training

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A letter from Mike Marchesano, managing director, Connectiv

Connectiv is pleased to partner with the Academy of Digital Media (many of you know them by their former name Laredo Group) to offer their training courses to our members with a significant discount. Many of our members have taken the Academy of Digital Media/Laredo Group courses in the past and know the quality of their training and the expertise of their trainers.  All the courses are recently updated, and we are excited that their new courses are part of the training series being taught November 2 -4 in Chicago at the DePaul University Conference Center.  Details are below for how to get the SIIA/Connectiv discount.

All the courses are full-day programs (8:30 am to 4:30 pm) except the IAB Certification prep session which is a half-day program (8:30 am to noon).  Visit the Connectiv page on the Academy of Digital Media website, which includes links to all the course information, outlines and how to register.

A 20% discount is available to SIIA/Connectiv members by using this referral code: SIIA16 during your online registration. You’ll also be eligible for early-bird (expires Oct. 13th) and multi-course discounts…so register soon!

The five courses include two brand new courses to be offered in Chicago for the first time:

November 2
 - Mastering 21st Century Media Sales Skills
November 3 - Mapping the Journey to Purchase

The Mastering 21st Century Sales Skills course will teach sellers how to expand, hone and transform their sales skills, as well as learn and practice what it takes to prepare and stand out in a very challenging sales environment. As the digital advertising industry becomes more complex, we need to expand our knowledge and improve our skills to be able to discuss and address the most critical needs of our advertisers.

The Mapping the Journey to Purchase course teaches how to analyze the customer decision process and chart the appropriate media channels that can impact and influence the decision-making journey. This course will prepare you to approach selling your media opportunities and make media buy decisions with a perspective that addresses one of the most important marketing challenges

The additional Academy of Digital Media’s courses include:

November 2 - Essentials of Digital Media
November 3 - Principles of Programmatic Media
November 4 - IAB Digital Media Sales Certification Exam Prep Session (half-day)

The Essentials of Digital Media covers the terminology, ad formats and delivery, standards and best practices, measurement and how to decipher all the options in order to sell or buy a digital campaign. This is the best course to help prepare for the IAB certification.

Principles of Programmatic Media provides an in-depth overview of why programmatic is a critical platform in advertising, and how all the components work together to deliver the right ad to the right person on the right device. It is critical for both media buyers and sellers to understand not only the terminology but the ingredients of the most important ad personalization and delivery platforms.

The IAB Digital Media Sales Certification Exam Prep session is a half-day comprehensive review of the exam and provides practice test questions.

We look forward to seeing our colleagues at these training programs.

Which Course Should I Take?

Depending on your goals and level of digital media experience, you may want to take more than one Academy of Digital Media course. Our recommendations are as follows. We suggest that you review the course outlines before deciding which course(s) would best suit your training goals. 

I want to improve my digital media sales skills.
-      Mastering 21st Century Media Sales Skills (November 2)
-      Mapping the Customer Journey (November 3)

I have 2-5 years digital media experience.
-      Essentials of Digital Media (November 2)
-      Principles of Programmatic Media (November 3)

I have more than 5 years digital media experience.
-      Mastering 21st Century Media Sales Skills (November 2)
-      Mapping the Customer Journey (November 3)

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