Lessons from BIMS Speakers Give Us Blueprint for Moving Forward

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"There is no one silver bullet as to what leadership will look like," said Jared Weiner, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, Future Hunters, a leading futurist consulting firm. He gave three key characteristics for leadership:

a.     be adaptable to rapid change;
b.     be quick to respond to the world's increasing complexity; and
c.     be more intelligent than smart.

"Smart is about being programmed, learning a fact and applying it. Intelligence is making a decision with imperfect information or under circumstances you've never been taught before."

Weiner will deliver the opening keynote on Monday, Nov. 14 for our Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) in Fort Lauderdale. (Click here to read seven of his keys to future success.) Here are four other subjects to be covered at BIMS and important takeaways from each one.

1. Directories and pricing. Brittany Carter, vice president of Columbia Books & Information Services, has talked about the success they've had with offering monthly subscriptions for their Lobbyists.info service. "For a long time we went by the all or nothing mindset but realized that rather than try to push people to buy something in the way we thought they should, we switched the model and started offering a monthly subscription that was a higher rate than if they paid all at once, but allowed them the access they needed. It has been successful, and many of our monthly subscribers upgrade into annual subscribers."

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, Carter will join panelists Anderson Charters, owner/publisher, Third Sector Publishing, and Mark Ziebarth, president & publisher, Plain Language Media LLLP, for the session Morphing the Directory Business. (Read more about Carter and monthly pricing here.)

2. Games and quizzes. When the Design Engineering and Sourcing (DES) Group of Penton needed to increase engagement last year in a fun, cost-effective way, it turned to a bracket- and quiz-based STEM Starter Tournament. The result? The campaign, which targeted both subscribers and online prospects, brought in almost 10,000 quiz views, 3,200 unique leads—27.5% of those new to the database—$20,000 in sponsorship money, and a 51% increase in website registrations. (Check out more on Penton's initiative here.)

Melissa Johnson (pictured), marketing automation manager, Penton, will talk about this at a session titled, Using Games, Quizzes, Contests and Award Programs to Delight and Monetize Your Audience, Monday, Nov. 14 at 3 pm. Lev Kaye, founder and CEO, CredSpark, and Jim Sinkinson, partner, Fired Up! Marketing, are also panelists.

3. Events. Jess Tyler, show director for Access Intelligence, said they have taken the traditional passport program and gone further. Attendees still get stamped by exhibitors and get prizes, But now it's done through a mobile app. Leaderboards are put up, trivia questions are given. "You can get very creative," she said. "We had five people who got every single point. That included 160 sponsors and 10 questions."

On Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 11:20 am, Tyler will present the session, 20 Ways to Shave the Fat from Your Event Budget. Tyler is one of eight examples from an article I wrote about making that complete digital transformation. Read it here.

4. Search. "We try to live on places where doctors go," said Paul Kudlow, founder and CEO of TrendMD. "And provide value there. Doctors and researchers are stubborn [so] we don't want to change their habits. [They tend to] go to their journals and that's it. They rely on search engines like Pubmed and Google Scholar, but the problem with search engines is that you need to know what you're looking for. Our discovery engine recommends based on your previous reading habits." A kind of Outbrain or Taboola for the medical world. TrendMD reaches over 2500 medical journals and content sites, and is used by about 260 publishers. Check out an article on them here.

Kudlow will speak on a panel for a data-track session titled Excellence in Action, Monday, Nov. 14 at 3 pm, with Katie Bullard, chief marketing officer, DiscoverOrg, Devu Ghandi, VP, business development, Homelight, and Mark Godley, chief revenue officer, HG Data.


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