SSD Webcast | Simple Digital Marketing Hacks to Predictable Revenue & Profits

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In this dynamic session our expert gave SIIA Members actionable and repeatable success formulas from his private client portfolio and front-lines building software marketing campaigns from INC 500 Fast Growth startups to heavily funded PE ventures (Bain Capital). If you’re an entrepreneur, startup, executive or association that wants to;

·        massively increase profits

·        launch products that shake industry

·        Create strategic alliances that dominate competition

Than you should listen to Jeremiah Desmarais during his webinar with SIIA



Jeremiah Desmarais

Strategy & Marketing Consultant


Click here to download a copy of the presentation.

Rhianna Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware.