Stagnito, Edgell and Path to Purchase Institute Unite and Name CEO

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“If you asked us the name of our company last week, it was catchy: Stagnito Business Information, Edgell Communications and Path to Purchase Institute. The new name of our company—the great unveiling of which is happening now—is EnsembleIQ.”

That came last week from Peter Hoyt, the new president and CEO of Ensemble IQ. “I love [the new] name,” said Hoyt, previously CEO of the Path to Purchase Institute, “because…in an ensemble cast, there’s no star. Each of the actors is an essential part of the production and they play together to create something wonderful. In this case, the blending of these companies into a new venture has a new identity as one is a perfect metaphor. IQ—we’ve attached that because we intend to do what we do smarter and better than what’s ever been done before.”

EnsembleIQ is a portfolio company of RFE Investment Partners, a private equity investor with more than 30 years of experience investing in growth companies in partnership with strong management teams. The Path to Purchase Institute will maintain its name and continue to publish Shopper Marketing magazine and produce the Path to Purchase Expo, Shopper Marketing Summit, Path to Purchase Leadership University and other offerings.

Stagnito and Edgell brands such as Progressive Grocer, Carbonview Research, RIS News, Convenience Store News, and Hospitality Technology, along with Canadian brands that include The Convenience U CARWACS Shows and Pharmacy Business, will also operate under the EnsembleIQ umbrella. A more complete listing of brands may be found on the company’s new website,

While all Stagnito Business Information, Edgell Communications and Path to Purchase programs, services, publications, websites and events will continue operation, the Stagnito and Edgell names will no longer be used.

“It’s really a new model and we’re thrilled about it,” said Hoyt, “but the really important thing is the mission of IQ: to help people. We are here to help people do better in their jobs—help people in their organizations find success. The degree in which we help our audience, the retail and consumer goods and services industries, [will be judged by] the degree to which we help them succeed. By bringing them new fresh, curated, interpreted, edited information so that they can find new and better ways to succeed in what they do… Love the challenge, we’re excited to meet it and we’re thrilled with this new name.”

Connectiv reported on the merger of Stagnito and Edgell back in February of this year. In a Q&A, then CEO Kollin Stagnito told colleague Matt Kinsman: “What’s great about both these companies is that neither one has just rested on print and digital being our solution. We’ve both been moving down parallel tracks in that we want to diversify and become business information companies rather than traditional media companies. Both companies in the last few years have grown the research portion of their offering but we did it in different ways—Edgell created a division from scratch through the Executive Knowledge Network (EKN) which specializes in retailer research, whereas Stagnito acquired Partnerview and focused on consumer research.”


In April, RFE acquired the Path to Purchase Institute to join the fold. EnsembleIQ will be structured to serve the B2B needs of retailers, consumer goods manufacturers, technology vendors, marketing agencies and retail service providers. It will do this by using its integrated network of media and information resources designed to inform, connect and provide actionable marketplace intelligence.


“An ensemble of actors or musicians works in harmony for the benefit of its audience, and that is precisely how we’ve designed our new company,” said Hoyt. “With the depth and breadth of our reach inside the retail marketplace, our ensemble of B2B brands, and our rich understanding of the causes and effects of the revolution that is taking place at retail, we’re poised to deliver on our primary mission—to help retail stakeholders succeed.”


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