Creativity, Engagement, Ads and a Contest Make These Websites Shine

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As I mentioned last week, SIPA has recently added a wonderful group of new members over the last couple months. This influx brings in new thought leaders, revenue ideas and some fresh concepts. Here is a list of actionable ideas from the websites of these new members:


1. Be creative in your presentation. Ragan Communications posted a list of 46 Expert Tips for Creating Addictive Content today. Where others might simply show a straight text list, Ragan presents 46 boxes, each showing an expert in the field and an actionable tip. An example? Nadya Khoja, director of marketing at Venngage, wrote: "Most people look for content that offers Practical value, is Entertaining, is Awe-inspiring, and is Credible. P.E.A.C. content is good content that people actually want to read."

2. Engage quickly and clearly. When you come to the homepage of Reorg Research, you see 16 powerful words in the middle of the page: "Automated Docket Updates, Breaking News, and Expert Analysis for Distressed Debt Investors, Lawyers and Restructuring Professionals." They are followed by: "Request a Trial Subscription." It's simple but effective.

3. Highlight a problem your audience has and address it. Go to Robert Skrob's homepage and you'll see his report titled Member Retention and a two-line slogan: "Too many of your members quit. I can stop your members from quitting." He later writes: "I often discover there are two or three quick wins you can implement within a week to lower churn immediately."

4. Sell website ads. Rousseau Automotive Communication has two big spots for ads on its homepage. In one of those spots, two ads take turns sharing the spotlight. Interestingly, the ads actually enhance the site, gives it a little more grit in a hands-on industry. And the rotation gives the page movement.

5. Tie a contest into an event. Hudson Valley Parent runs multiple contests, but the one that caught my eye actually ties into an event. The 2016 Cover Kid Search encourages parents to "introduce your kids to the best talent agents in the Hudson Valley at Hudson Valley Parent's 2016 Cover Kid event" on April 17. It costs $30 to register online and $35 at the event.

6. Brand your events and eLearning. OPIS showcases a page of its events with clear dates and sites. In the middle is a red "Register Now" button and on the right are rectangular logos for those specific events. While they're all clearly from the same company, they sport different colors and images—even the eLearning one—and are quite appealing and recognizable to the eye.

7. Use video to enhance your "About" page. Progressive Business Publications has put together a wonderful two-minute video about the philanthropy they do. It features a director of marketing and operations, a product marketing manager, a senior corporate recruiter, an online education director, their editorial director and the marketing director discussing mentor programs, community involvement and focused research—all in a simple, straight-on interviewing format that presents the employees as people you want to work with.

8. Run testimonials. The Dean Celia Group features a great page they call "What They're Saying" with about 10 testimonials and then, "Let us know how we can help you" at the bottom. Simple and effective.

9. Sell a directory. Sporting Goods Intelligence has put together a very attractive "biggest and best source of sporting goods contacts and companies" for their audience. With every SGI Directory, they also include a USB card with a PC Edition of the directory to load on your computer. Speaking of which, SIPA's 2016-2017 Membership Directory is also available for SIPA members to peruse and download. Search for contacts you want to connect with one-on-one, potential partners, and solution providers.

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