SIPA March Member News - New Members and an Acquisition

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Welcome New Members

We are excited to welcome the following new SIPA member companies:

New! 2016-2017 SIPA Membership Directory

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This directory is exclusively available to SIPA members. Thank you to all of our members for your continued involvement, and a special thank you to our sponsors CWC Software and Global IntelliSystems for supporting this directory.

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IHS acquires OPIS from UCG

IHS Inc. has completed its acquisition from longtime SIPA member UCG of Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), an internationally referenced pricing reporting agency that serves the oil, natural gas and biofuels industries.

OPIS, which itself has now become a new SIPA member, is the most complete source for U.S. refined petroleum pricing data, news and analytics. The company, which employs 290 people, will remain headquartered in Gaithersburg, Md. Read full release here.

Kudos to the following four member companies for their latest work:

1. Irving Levin Associates publishes their Senior Care Acquisition Report
The Senior Care Acquisition Report gives you hard-to-find data metrics and insightful analyses of all this year's senior care mergers and acquisitions. Geared towards the C-suite but useful for all senior care investors, lenders and consultants, the Report features the nitty-gritty details for the previous year's transactions and incorporates that data in a comprehensive analysis of the senior care M&A market.

2. RigData features exciting marketing video
On their homepage, RigData has an excellent video marketing their Permits & Players Report and Datasets. At just over two minutes and packed with graphs and music , it's an exciting way to market one of their biggest advantages. It begins, "Start new opportunities with the most immediate and up-to-date permit filings available, broken out into areas that matter most."

3. AIS exclusive: New OER director discusses need for evidence-based funding
In an exclusive interview with Atlantic Information Services, Inc.'s (AIS) Report on Research Compliance (RRC), Michael Lauer, the new deputy director for extramural research and the director of the Office of Extramural Research (OER) within the National Institutes of Health (NIH), said the agency needs to move to a model of making funding decisions that is based more on "evidence." The interview appears in RRC's new March 2016 issue. 

4. OPIS unveils new innovative tool
Fuel acquisition managers for top European airlines now have a new way to purchase fuel and assess all-day fuel values using the exclusive OPIS450 trading screen and platform. The first barge deal occurred between Lufthansa and Vitol using the OPIS450 trading screen, designed to create a new way to assess aviation fuel prices in Europe and to allow buyers and sellers to execute actual transactions. OPIS450 is an innovative tool that calculates the average price of jet barges in the ports of Flushing, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Ghent at every minute of the day between 9am and 4.30pm London time.

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