Intellectual Property Roundup

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Biggest Patent Troll of 2014 Gives Up, Drops Appeal (Ars Technica)
Notorious patent troll, eDekka dropped its appeal of the October 2015 decision where US District Judge Rodney Gilstrap threw out 168 of its patent lawsuits.

American Express’ Digital Wallet Patent Promises to Innovate Loyalty Rewards (Venture Beat)
American Express’s digital wallet patent will create a system where credit card reward points could be used at checkout on ecommerce sites in a manner that is not brand-restricted.

Hong Kong Drops Controversial Copyright Legislation (Variety)
Hong Kong dropped its controversial proposed copyright amendment legislation that related to digital piracy so as not to further any anti-China sentiments.

Groupon is Focus of IBM’s latest Patent-Infringement Suit (Chicago Tribune)
IBM is suing Groupon and claiming that Groupon infringed on four of its patents that are related to an online service called Prodigy.

Christopher Christopher Mohr is General Counsel and VP, Intellectual Property Policy & Enforcement at SIIA.