Intellectual Property Roundup

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Soon You Might Be Able to Vote on Google (Time)
Google was awarded a patent that would allow it to build a voting interface that would accompany search results.  This voting feature could be used for entertainment shows, polls, elections, contests, and marketing, but only to “authenticated” users.

Apple is being Sued Over Its Pressure Sensitive Screen (Business Insider)
Immersion filed complaints against Apple and AT&T in the US District Court and with the US International Trade Commission alleging that the touch screen technology used in the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S infringes on its patents.

Printer Maker Lexmark wins Patent Case Against Cartridge Reseller (Reuters)
Impression Products Inc was found liable for selling refurbished Lexmark cartridges that were originally marked for single use.  The court’s decision reinforces U.S. patent owners’ ability to control product use after it is sold.

Qualcomm Deal with Lenovo Shows Its China Woes May Finally Be Easing (Re/Code)
Qualcomm signed a deal with Lenovo that will see it pay royalties on its 3G and 4G phones.  This deal covers phones sold under its brand as well as Motorola devices.

Number of Drone Technology Patent Applications Soaring in South Korea (Pulse)
In 2015 a total of 389 patents related to drone technology were awarded in South Korea by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.  Most of the patents awarded were related to flight vehicle and operational technology.

Christopher Christopher Mohr is General Counsel and VP, Intellectual Property Policy & Enforcement at SIIA.