Intellectual Property Roundup

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Apple Tells Supreme Court it Shouldn’t Bother Hearing Samsung’s Appeal (Re/Code)
Apple filed arguments to the Supreme Court yesterday telling them that there is no reason for it to take up Samsung’s appeal in its seemingly endless patent dispute with Samsung.  Google and Facebook also filed arguments on the side of Samsung encouraging the Supreme Court to hear the appeal.

Wall Street is Trying to Beat Silicon Valley at Its Own Game (Bloomberg BNA)
Banks and Payments companies were awarded 1,192 patents over the past three years, a 36 percent increase over the previous three year period.  Financial institutions have been seeking to patent technologies related to financial services.

Nvidia Wins Trial Brought by Samsung over Memory-Chip Patent (eWeek)
Nvidia won a patent trial from Samsung over memory chip technology.  The complaint was filed in November 2014 as retaliation against Nvidia for an earlier suit Nvidia filed against Samsung regarding graphics technology.

Online Legal Publishers Squabble Over the Right to Copyright the Law (Ars Technica)
DC based legal publisher, Fastcase, is seeking for a judge to defend it against Virginia-based publisher, Lawriter.  Lawriter is looking for the right to exclusively publish the law, and Fastcase is saying that the law belongs to the people.

Torrent Streaming Plugin Torrents Time Receives Cease-and Desist Letter from Anti-Piracy Group BREIN Just Days After Launch (Tech Times)
Plug-in, Torrents Time received a cease-and-desist letter  from the Netherlands based anti-piracy group, BREIN.  BREIN considers the plug-in to be an illegal application as it makes available infringing content without authorization of rights holders.

Christopher Christopher Mohr is General Counsel and VP, Intellectual Property Policy & Enforcement at SIIA.