Connectiv/Polar Survey: Native Advertising Benchmarks in B2B

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In conjunction with Polar, a solutions provider for publishers and a leader in native advertising, Connectiv recently conducted a survey amongst B2B publishers regarding their native advertising business, and gathered new insights from aggregate data based on MediaVoice, Polar’s native advertising platform.

we present the current, most informative look yet at B2B industry benchmarks which shed light on the established revenue growth opportunity native advertising presents, including:

  • The top metrics for measuring success with native advertising
  • Average spend on a native ad unit in B2B
  • Pricing models for native advertising
  • Performance comparisons between native advertising and traditional display advertising
Members are also invite to view a Connectiv webcast on “How To Sell Native Advertising in B2B,” presented by Polar, as well as an SIIA policy update on what you need to know about the new FTC guidelines on native advertising

Matt Matt Kinsman is vice president of content + programming at Connectiv, the only association focused on the integrated b-to-b model—including publications, events, digital media, marketing services and business information. Prior to joining Connectiv's predecessor American Business Media in 2011, Kinsman was executive editor of Folio:, the leading information provider for the magazine industry.