SIIA Sends Open Letter to President Obama for State of the Union

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Today, SIIA sent President Obama an open letter outlining policy priorities to focus on in 2016 for his State of the Union Address.  SIIA’s press release on the letter can be found here.

As the United States moves forward into the 21st Century, it has seen the development of the world’s first truly global economy.  U.S. tech companies drive global innovation and provide products and services that fuel economic growth, trade, and job creation.

SIIA outlines the following policy principles as important for the President as part of his 2016 technology policy agenda:

·         Foster Data-Driven Innovation – U.S. policies must promote the social and economic value of the “Internet of Things” and data-driven innovation.


·         Increase Digital Trade – The U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework must be finalized and new trade agreements should build upon the data flow provisions in the TPP Agreement.

·         Preserve Intellectual Property Rights – The Administration and Congress must work together to seek patent litigation reform, and finally pass effective legislation this year.


·         Support Strong Encryption – The Administration should maintain support for strong encryption and reject policies that would require or encourage companies to weaken these technologies.

·         Promote Advanced Digital Technology in Education – Education policies must be forward-looking and maintain a competitive market for school instructional materials. The Administration must work with Congress to ensure adequate funding for the new Student Support and Academic Enrichment Block Grant.

Of these points in particular, SIIA’s software and information members rely significantly on the copyright law to protect their investment in the creation and dissemination of their innovative new software and information products and services and to safeguard their interests as users and licensees of the copyrighted works of others.  The copyright law is therefore critical to their success and prosperity and the short and long-term success of the U.S. software and information industries.  Therefore, in its letter to the President SIIA urged that the United States preserve its long history of strong and balanced copyright protection and freedom of contract and oppose the adoption of any legislative or regulatory proposals that would weaken copyright or contract law.

SIIA looks forward to working with the Administration, Congress, and regulatory agencies to ensure that consumers reap the full benefits of technology, and so businesses can continue to drive innovation and economic progress in the global economy.

Diane Diane Pinto is the Public Policy Coordinator at SIIA. Follow the Policy team on Twitter @SIIAPolicy.